SHOMRIM ALERT: Broken Bottle Scam In Crown Heights


Crown Heights Shomrim is advising the community of an old scam that has returned to Crown Heights, fooling people into giving money for “breaking” someones expensive bottle of booze.

The scam involves the scammer pretending that you “bumped” into him, making him drop his bag of expensive bottles of alcohol and breaking them. The man then asks you “how can we take care of this,” fooling you into handing over money.

“I was walking with a friend on President Street and Troy Ave, when suddenly a man holding two black bags very forcefully bumped into my friend.” wrote a community resident. “The man, pretending it was unintentional, dropped one of his bags which contained glass bottles.”

Remembered that a friend of his was previously a victim of such a scam, just two blocks away from where they were now, the two ignored the man and left.

The man, who has been perpetrating the scam in Crown Heights appears to be a black male in his late 30’s to mid 40’s, and wears eye glasses.

Please be aware of this scam. Don’t fall for it. If it happens to you, call the Police and Shomrim at 718-774-3333 immediately.

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