An Anti-Semitic incident shocked witnesses shabbos afternoon, when a man shouting anti-Semitic slurs pulled out a knife on New York Ave, just blocks away from the 71st police precinct.

Anti-Semitic Incidents Mar Shabbos Afternoon In Crown Heights


An Anti-Semitic incidents shocked witnesses on New York Ave in Crown Heights shabbos afternoon.

Witnesses report multiple incidents as a man, described as a black man around 6”2, wearing a camo hoodie and sweatpants, walked down New York Ave shouting anti-Semitic slurs and threatening people.

The first incident was reported to have taken place around 2:00pm near Carroll Street, where the man was seen screaming “Hitler did not kill enough of you in the gas chambers” and other verbal abuses at Jewish people in the area.

Another incident took place near President St when the man got into a verbal altercation with a Jewish yungerman after demanding the yungerman move aside for him. As the altercation heated up and the Jew refused to back down, the man allegedly pulled out a knife and threatened the yungerman.

The victims of the incidents have of the publishing of this article not filed reports with the police. would like to remind everyone the importance of reporting every such incident to the police. Without a report made, the police are unable to take any action.