Crown Heights Resident Injured During Scuffle With Package Thief

A Crown Heights resident was injured Monday afternoon after he was involved in a scuffle with a package thief. The thief was caught red handed with stolen packages, but despite the attempt by residents to detain him, he got away.


A Jewish Crown Heights resident caught a package thief red handed Monday afternoon as he attempted to make off with packages from a Montgomery St building.

Crown Heights Shomrim received a call for help after the thief assaulted the Jewish man, who while attempting to retrieve the packages, was bitten by the thief.

Video taken by a witness shows the end of the scuffle, as the thief, wearing a bright orange construction hat and red backpack, shakes off the Jewish resident, and yells as he quickly walks away from the scene.

Despite a quick response, neither Shomrim nor the Police could locate the thief, who had fled immediately following the assault. The packages, which the the thief had placed inside a laundry bag, were retrieved at the scene.

Hatzalah was called and treated the injured resident.

A police report was filed over the incident, and the video handed over to the NYPD’s 71st precinct.

A source told that the NYPD is taking the matter very seriously, and has already assigned the case to a detective for investigation.

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