Thief Swipes $4,000 Necklace From Kingston Ave Store

A thief lifted a $4,000 necklace from a Kingston Ave Jewelry store this past Friday, and made away with his loot. The thief was caught on surveillance camera, and has prompted the police to release a wanted poster asking the public for help.


On Friday October 25th, a man wearing a black yarmulka and white shirt walked into Levi Laine Jewelers on Kingston Ave. The man, acting as a beggar, asked for money, and as the man behind the desk bent down, he swiped a necklace from the counter. The gold and diamond necklace was valued at $4,000.

Noting the lost necklace, the Jewelry store owner tracked down the theft on the stores surveillance footage, and handed it over to the police.

The 71st police precinct is investigating the theft, and has released a wanted poster in regards.

Additional reports say that the beggar hit other Kingston Ave stores as well, asking for money and stealing merchandise.

If anyone has information regarding the the pictured suspect, please notify Det. ANCHUNDIA at 718-735-0501.

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