Armed Teenager Arrested After Being Caught Trespassing By Shomrim

An armed teenager was arrested Friday night after being found by Shomrim hiding behind a Jewish home in Crown Heights. The teen was arrested by the police, and charged with trespassing.


A frantic call to Crown Heights Shomrim’s emergency hotline ended Friday night with one person arrested, and a knife recovered.

The call was made after a Crown Heights family became aware of a man in their backyard, possibly attempting to break in.

911 was called, and after waiting a while for the police to arrive, they got in touch with Shomrim.

Multiple Shomrim volunteers responded and entered the backyard, where they found a hooded teenager hiding beneath the porch.

The teenager, who identified himself as a member of a gang, pulled out a knife. The Shomrim volunteers were able to deescalate the situation, and disarm the teenager. The teenagers knife was recovered, and handed over to the police.

The the teenager was placed under arrest, and charged with trespassing.

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