Teenagers Beat and Rob Bochur in Williamsburg

A bochur was the victim of an assault and robbery in Williamsburg Tuesday evening. The assault comes after a lull in what had been noted as the largest uptick in attacks on Orthodox Jews in years.

by CrownHeights.info

A bochur walking along Warsoff Place near Park Ave in Williamsburg Tuesday night became the victim of a gang assault and robbery.

The incident occurred around 10:00pm, and the events were caught on surveillance camera.

The footage shows as the gang crosses the street to block the sidewalk, some attempting to sneak up from behind. the bochur, realizing he is about to be attacked, attempted to flee.

One of the gang punches him in the face, and another jumps to grab the bochur’s phone which had been dropped in the melee.

Despite the blow, the bochur continued to run, with the gang following behind. The gang quickly gave up, and fled the scene.

This assault comes after a lull in what was seen as the largest uptick in assault crimes in Brooklyn perpetrated against Orthodox Jews in years.

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