Crown Heights Hatzalah Volunteer Targeted in Tire Slashing

A Crown Heights Hatzalah volunteer was the victim of a tire slashing this past week. The volunteer, who responds to medical emergencies in his private vehicle, was the only vehicle on the block with its tires slashed, making the incident appear targeted.


Zushe Rimler, a veteran Hatzalah volunteer in Crown Heights, was astounded to find two of his tires slashed Friday morning, and his car unusable.

Zushe, who has responded to medical emergencies in the community for years, noted that the tire slashing appeared to be targeted, as no other cars on the block were vandalized.

Video footage from a nearby shul shows as a man approaches the car around 2:00am Friday morning, while it was parked in Schenectady Ave between Crown St and Carroll St, and spends some time looking through the windshield, possibly reading the placard identifying the car as Hatzalah.

The man then steps up to the passenger side tires, lingers a moment and slashes them. He the walked up Schenectady Ave towards Carroll St.

A police report has been filed for the incident.

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