Arrest Made In Friday Crown Heights Hate Crime

A Crown Heights man was arrested over the weekend for the assault on two Jewish Crown Heights residents. The man has been charged with a hate crime, as well as assault and other crimes.


Over the weekend, police took 39-year-old Crown Heights man, Kenya Dean into custody for the assault on two Jewish Crown Heights residents Friday.

As previously reported on, the two Jewish males had been standing on Carroll Street and Schenectady Ave when Dean walked by and spewed an anti-Semitic statement. He was quoted as saying “You (expletive) Jews! Hitler should have finished you off!”

The two Jewish men, shocked at the hate filled words, responded, and the situation quickly got out of control.  The perpetrator allegedly pulled out a canister of mace, spraying one of the Jewish men in the face. The second man, attempting to intervene, was also assaulted as the alleged perpetrator picked up a stick and hit him in the head.

Shomrim and police arrived as the perpetrator fled up Troy Ave between President St and Union St, where he was apprehended and arrested.

Dean has been charged with a Hate Crime, as well as counts of assault and criminal possession of a weapon.


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