Jewish Man Punched in Franklin Ave Subway Station

A Jewish man was sent to the hospital Thursday, after an altercation spilled from a subway car onto the platform of the Franklin Ave Subway station. The man was treated by Hatzalah and taken to the hospital.


An argument that blew up into a physical fight spilled from a subway car onto the Franklin Ave Subway station platform Thursday afternoon.

Witnesses told first responders that a Jewish man had been involved in a verbal altercation while on the train, and as both he and another unidentified man stepped off the train onto the platform, the unidentified man punched the Jewish man in the face.

The Jewish man was reportedly knocked unconscious, and Hatzalah was called.

Both Hatzalah and Shomrim responded to the scene, with Shomrim volunteers from three divisions answering the call.

The police and Shomrim volunteers from Crown Heights, Boro Park and Williamsburg canvassed for the unidentified man, but he was unable to be found.

The Jewish man was transported by Hatzalah to the hospital.

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