Anti-Semitic Slurs and Assault in Crown Heights Playground

A Crown Heights playground became a spectacle Wednesday, when an altercation between people at the playground became violent. Anti-Semitic slurs were used, and some Jewish woman were assaulted.


Hamilton Metz playground located on the corner of Albany and Lefferts Ave became an Anti-Semitic spectacle Wednesday.

According to police reports, the incident took place at 11:37am Wednesday morning, when two Jewish women who were at the playground were approached by an unidentified African American woman. An argument ensued with the unidentified woman reportedly saying, “you [obscenity]” to one of the women. The exchange grew more heated, with the unidentified woman pulling the hair of one of the Jewish ladies, causing her wig to partially fall off.

Another woman at the park who was also verbally attacked reported the incident to 911, and filed a police report.

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