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Frum Man Punched in Williamsburg Assault

An obviously Orthodox Jewish man was punched in his head in a targeted attack in Williamsburg Tuesday evening. The assailant was not caught, and the victim uninjured in the incident.


A young Orthodox Jewish man was assaulted Tuesday evening near the corner of Keap St and Marcy Ave in Williamsburg.

The attack was caught on surveillance camera around 7:30pm, and shows what appears to be a young teen coming up behind the victim, bunching him in the head.

The victim was thrown into a building and his hat knocked off.

The assailant immediately fled the scene, pursued by the victim.

The assailant ultimately got away, in what is a growing list of attacks on Jews in Brooklyn that has been called a scourge of hate.

There are no reports yet on the motive of the attack, or if it was Anti-Semitic in nature.

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