Swastika Symbol Found Drawn Inside Brooklyn Subway Station

A swastika was found drawn on a pillar in the Atlantic Terminal subway station Friday. The drawing of the swastika, a Nazi symbol, comes during a rise in hate crimes in Brooklyn. A recent incident involved the same symbol drawn on a car in Crown Heights.

by CrownHeights.info

A subway commuter was horrified to find a swastika drawn on a pillar in Brooklyn’s Atlantic Terminal Station during his Friday subway commute this past week.

This follows a recent story posted on CrownHeights.info, where a family discovered a swastika drawn on the hood of their vehicle overnight. The car had been parked less than a block from the local police precinct.

Another incident occurred on the grounds of a queens public school, where swastikas and anti-Semitic slogans were found drawn on its playground. A 12 year old was taken into custody for the graffiti, and charged with aggravated harassment.


    • 3. I do not think you are right wrote:

      why do you say religious Jews don’t vote?
      I do not know that to be true.
      My family voted – we were always encouraged to vote.
      All the Jewish areas encourage their citizens to vote.
      it’s not right to make such statements especially when it might not be true.

    • 4. To "I do not think..." wrote:

      It’s great that you vote, but wake up, most Jews DON’T vote. The numbers don’t lie.

  • 5. DUNKIN DONUTS!!! wrote:

    They are VERY scared to draw these things in dunkin donuts, because dunkin donuts is the safest place in the whole world, because the cops are ALWAYS there!!!!!

  • 6. Larry wrote:

    The more you make noise about it the more stupid kids will keep doing it

  • 7. Boy Who Cried Wolf wrote:

    Drawing attention to a two-inch swastika scrawled by some kid cheapens the meaning of real anti-Semitism. All it does is desensitize people.

  • 8. Mayer wrote:

    Who cares? Are you going to freak out for every little anti-Semitic incident?? Maybe it was done by some 12 year-old kid as a dare? You can’t run around the world trying to stick your finger into every crack in the anti-Semite dam! Reserve your strengths and resources for the big issues. Get that swastika cleaned off and move on.

    • 9. Anonymous wrote:

      Every incident must ve reported.
      That’s the only way thst the cops will do something.
      Numbers don’t lie. If every incident gets reported it will add up by the statistics.

    • 10. Anonymous wrote:

      thank you, Mayer, for some common sense … it is called …..”let’s move on”

  • 11. To I do not not think you are right wrote:

    Its very nice that you vote.
    but most CH Jews DON’T.
    you can check the voting records online for each community, (block by block) and you’ll clearly see that most of us don’t vote.


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