Gang Assault in Crown Heights Sends Teenager to the Hospital

A sixteen year old boy was assaulted by a group of teens Tuesday evening. The sixteen year old was transported to the hospital with injuries to his face.


The teenage incident occurred Tuesday evening on Eastern Parkway near Brooklyn Ave a little after 6:00pm. An unknown group of teens assaulted a non Jewish boy near the corner, before fleeing the scene.

911 and EMS were called, who arrived to find the boy bleeding profusely from his nose.

The victim of the assault was a sixteen years old boy who was transported to the hospital with facial injuries.

It is unknown as to what instigated the assault, and no arrests have been made.

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  • 1. more info wrote:

    Please provide more info about this incident.

    Also now is the time for your site to step it up a bit and provide more Crown Heights coverage because many people are not using the other banned site.
    Give more news, more stories and more editorials that will keep people coming back to you. Be more up to date and post often. Lets go CrownHeights.Info


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