Jewish Man Punched on Kingston Ave

An assault early Wednesday morning adds to the list of unprovoked attacks in Crown Heights. The victim was lightly injured.


In yet another unprovoked incident in Crown Heights, a Jewish man walking up Kingston Ave was punched in the chest without reason.

The assault occurred around 8:00am on Kingston Ave near Union St. The assailant, described as a black male, punched the Jewish man in his chest without any provocation., before fleeing the scene.

The victim was left with pain in his chest from the incident.

The NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force will be investigation the incident.


  • 3. Anonymous wrote:

    Not a hate crime – I am a non-Jewish white woman and this man kicked just moments earlier as I was walking to the train. He was deranged.

  • 4. Shlomo Singer wrote:

    Everyone: please, say “Good Evening” when you pass by a black person, when you are in Crown Heights. It would reduce our issues by 99%.


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