Phone Snatching on Montgomery St

A Jewish man had his phone snatched Tuesday afternoon on Montgomery St near Nostrand Ave. The man gave chase, but the thief got away.


The phone snatching happened just before 5:00pm Tuesday afternoon on Montgomery St between Nostrand Ave and New York Ave.

The Jewish man was right outside of his house when a black teenager snatched his new iphone out of his hand, and ran towards Nostrand Ave.

The Jewish man gave chase, and was soon joined by a Jewish neighbor from the block. The phone snatcher ran on Montgomery St past Nostrand Ave towards Dearborn Ct, where he took a right. The Victim and neighbor giving chase lost him as he turned from Dearborn Ct onto Crown St.

Another neighbor noticed the chase and called Shomrim, who arrived to find the victim attempting to locate his phone VIA an app. It was unsuccessful, and the police were called.

Despite the police and Shomrim canvassing the area, no sign of the phone snatcher was found, and a police report was filed for the incident.

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