Friday Night Robbery at Knife Point, One person Arrested

Three teens robbed a man, and attempted to rob another at knife point Friday night in Crown Heights. One of the teens were arrested by the NYPD.


The first robbery occurred on New York Ave and President St Friday night, when three male teens robbed a man at knife point as he was waiting for a bus. The three got away, and made a second attempt at robbing someone.

Their second attempt was a Jewish man just one block away on Brooklyn Ave and President St. The second robbery, which ocured after midnight, failed after the Jewish man explained that it was shabbos and he did not have anything to steal.

The police were called, and with the help of the Jewish man and his family, managed to catch one of the teens, who was arrested by the police.

The teen arrested is 14 years old, and is known to the police for prior due to prior incidents. He saw a judge Saturday in family court.

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