Caught on Camera: Porch Pirate

A woman was caught on a doorbell camera stealing a package off a porch in Crown Heights Thursday morning. The incident happened at 8:00am, in broad daylight.


A woman was caught on a ring doorbell camera stealing a package from a porch on Carroll St off of Albany Ave Thursday morning.

The theft, which occurred at 8:05am, happened in broad daylight with many people walking nearby.

The porch pirate, with her face clearly displayed, can be seen on the video holding her phone and walking up to the door as if to ring the bell. She turns, bending down to pick up the package, and walks off.

Porch pirates have become a plague in the Crown Heights Community, as well as throughout NYC. Recently, these thefts have become invasive, with thieves illegally entering buildings, and even breaking into houses.

To combat these thefts, take all packages in immediately once delivered, and remember that many carriers are not required to ring a bell when they deliver. A gracious gesture of bringing in a neighbors package would also minimize the risk of a stolen package.


  • 2. gotta get that NASA engineer to hand out free kits wrote:

    to hand out free kits to everyone, but with a lot more stink bomb and some dye for easy identification

  • 3. Post on mainstram media wrote:

    I saw a video of one of these “ package goniffs” on Channel 12 ( Brooklyn local news ). Add a small reward & someone from their community will turn them into. We must create some fear


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