Shul Vandalized in Manhatten

In an apparent act of vandalism, a synagogue in Manhattan had one of its windows broken. The act, which caught on surveillance camera, does not appear to be a hate crime.


An overnight act of vandalism was caught on surveillance camera at Congregation Talmud Torah Adereth El on East 29th Street in Kips Bay.

The video shows two men walking by the synagogue, when one of them suddenly uses his elbow to smash one of the synagogues windows.

The second man can be seen congratulating the first as they continue making their way along the street.

No arrests have been made by the local NYPD precinct in regards to the incident.


    • 2. Milhouse wrote:

      If breaking a window is not vandalism, what is?! Regardless of motive, which can’t be determined unless the vandal is caught, vandalism is what he did.

  • 5. YY wrote:

    Its too bad the Shul could not have asked the perp if the fact that the religious institution was Jewish had anything to do with his decision to break the window.


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