Caught on Camera: Package Thief Strikes Again

A package thief was caught on surveillance camera stealing a package from a porch on President St in Crown Heights. The footage shows as the thief scouts out a Fedex driver delivering a package, rounds the block, and walks right onto the porch to take the package.


A brazen thief was caught on surveillance camera stealing a package that was left just minutes before by a Fedex driver.

The incident occurred Sunday at 12:30pm on President St near Troy Ave in Crown Heights.

The surveillance footage shows as the Fedex driver enters the house gate, walks up the stairs, and tosses the package behind the porch wall. Meanwhile the thief can be seen waking by carrying a bag and taking a quick glance at the house.

A few minutes later, after coming around the block, the thief walks right up to the gate, and up the porch. He takes a glance around and places the package in the bag he was carrying, and makes off with his loot.

During the holiday season, package thefts become increasingly common, with many incidences reported in the Crown Heights area.


  • 2. Anonymous wrote:

    Its time to repackage packages with garbage and leave on porch for these thieves.

  • 3. Top Five Reasons the Guy took the Package wrote:

    1) First, its very possible the individual mistook the house for his house, and was simply on the way to his car
    2) Second, it is also possible, he thought it was garbage and fair game
    3) Caring for his fellow man, he decided to take the package to his house, lest someone steal it from its rightful owner
    4) He thought that this was the package he was expecting and was glad to have found it
    5) He wanted to be famous, and this was the cheapest way to do it

  • 4. 48 yr Hood ain voiner wrote:

    So We see this every day
    What are we doing about it ?
    Besides Calling Your Vender That you Did not receive The package
    And you get a clear refund


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