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Teenagers Caught Doing Graffiti Assault Jewish Man

In what is being investigated as a possible hate crime, a Jewish man was assaulted by three teenagers he stopped from vandalizing a construction site. All three teenagers were apprehended by the police.


The incident occurred Tuesday, when a Jewish man found three teenagers spraying graffiti at a construction site on Eastern Parkway between Albany and Kingston Avenues. He attempted to stop the teenagers, and succeeded in getting them to leave the site.

The Jewish man followed the teenagers off the construction site, and one of the teenagers yelled “*expletive* you, all Jews should die,” before threatening to stab him.

The teenager then attacked the Jewish man with a traffic cone, hitting him on the back, but causing no injuries.

The teenagers ran to a nearby school, where they were apprehended by the police.

Two of the teenagers received truancies for not being in school, while the third is being charged with attempted assault and menacing. The department is investigating whether hate crime charges are warranted.

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