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Frightening Home-Invasion Robbery in Pomona

A Lubavitch family in Pomona, New York fell victim to a frightening home invasion robbery on Friday night, as the family waiting for their father to come home from Shul. Two masked men stole jewelry, watches and a digital camera from their master bedroom – and the homeowners are concerned about the burglars knowledge of their homes layout.

by ABC7

Police in Rockland County are searching for a pair of suspects wanted in a home invasion that happened with nine children inside the house.

It happend around 9:30 p.m. Friday at a home in Wesley Hills.

Ramapo police say two male suspects with bandanas covering their faces entered through the unlocked front door and headed straight for the master bedroom, where they stole jewelry, watches and a camera.

As they made their way out, they then encountered the female homeowner, Chana Weingarden. The 32-year-old mother and housewife had heard a noise and initially thought it was her husband and brother returning from synagogue. She was wrong.

“I didn’t know how to react,” she said. “I was a little confused, very disoriented. Who are you? Why are you in my kitchen? I stepped back out, and then I came back and startled one of them. And one of them ran out.”

One intruder ran out the rear door, while Weingarden tried to grab the camera bag from the other intruder, who pushed her down and fled on foot. The suspects never said a word.

There were nine kids ranging in age from 2 to 11 years old.

“It definitely takes away a big part of your sense of trust when you start suspecting everybody around you,” she said. “It’s a big problem.”

Authorities say the intruders didn’t say a word while they were there. Husband Boruch Weingarden says the intruders seemingly knew the layout of the house and surrounding area, and he wonders if the burglars did some research before they entered the home.

“We have a few entrances and exits, and they seem to have already known where to come in and out in their short few minutes that they managed to make their way around the house.”

At this point, Ramapo police do not believe the home was targeted.

“It’s unusual,” Detective Sergeant Brian Corbett said. “They were taking pains to conceal their identities, so that concerns us.”

Anyone with information is urged to contact Ramapo police.


  • 1. Sounds like someone who was previously in the house wrote:

    Possibly the Cleaning lady involved?
    Or guys who did work there lately?
    Just a thought

  • 3. Crown Heights Yentas wrote:

    So now where are all the Yentas to whine about how Pomona is not a safe place – or do the Yentas only say that when there is crime in Crown Heights?

    • 5. ahavasyisroel wrote:

      Pomona may still be safer but at least in CH you are used to being careful so you are more prepared if something does happen instead of being taken by surprise.

  • 6. suggestion wrote:

    Did they check mezuzos? that is the first thing to do in such a situation.

    • 8. Close Enough wrote:

      He goes to Webber Shul in Pomona. He is practically in Pomona.

    • 10. A difference without a distinction wrote:

      The communities are contiguous.
      Maybe you are just a little bit defensive, lest someone think you didn’t find “paradise” in Pomona?

  • 12. confused wrote:

    am i as stupid as the cops.first they say they were not targeted,then they say it’s unsual they were taking pains to conceal their identities, plus the balabusta said The suspects never said a word.
    I aint no sherlok holmes but it sounds very suspicious,
    what say thee watson

  • 13. Uh welcome to chabad wrote:

    While celebrating Chanukah as shluchim in Berkeley california in approx 1977
    Sitting in the living room a couple of black robbers walked into the entrance area and stole a couple of purses
    Rabbi S D Reichik later came and gave Tanya’s signed by the rebbe as Chanukah gifts to us
    The next day the purses got found empty on a front yard in nearby Oakland
    Thats what happened at 2929 linden st berkeley California in the seventies
    Very few menorahs visible then
    In 2008 also in berkeley at the intersection of MLK and francisco I put menorah lights in the windows so nearby traffic would remember it’s Chanukah
    Should I forgive the black robbers of the seventies ?

  • 16. ahavasyisroel wrote:

    silly robbers…they think they can conceal themselves from people but nobody can hide from Hashem.

  • 17. Why is anyone surprised..... wrote:

    While I feel truly horrible for the family to have experinced such a traumatic ordeal, (which could have CV”S potentially ended far worse….) it still never ceases to amaze me, the extent of the “hand wringing”, crying, moaning and complaining which always follows in the aftermath of something like this.
    As much as it pains me to write it, I feel that this is nothing more than the proverbial “chickens coming home to roost”.
    By and large, the Frum community has sold their souls to politician controlled law enforcement agencies, with regards to any and all aspects of safety and security. The habitual mantra in the aftermath of something like this, sounds like a broken record: “we need to tell the politicians that we need more protection”, we need to beg the police to put more patrols and officers out on the street”!
    When will that mantra change to: “I have committed to, and taken the appropriate actions, so as to NEVER allow myself to be a victim”! Or, “I have educated myself on all of the laws of self defense, especially with regards to the use of lethal force, and I shot a perfect 300 at the range yesterday”! When will our communities at large, start taking personal responsibility for their own safety and security?!?! When will they stop relying solely on governmental law enforcement agencies who are, for the most part, over worked, understaffed and unappreciated, for our safety?
    I want to make it perfectly clear, that I am in no way, shape, or form against the good and righteous members of law enforcement, or somehow advocating for “vigilante justice”. I have many friends at every level of law enforcement (Federal, State, County and municipal) and they all say exactly the same thing: “we can’t be everywhere all of the time”. As someone who has had to use a firearm in the defence of myself and my family, I can tell you first hand, that if you REALLY want to protect what matters to you, you will at some point have to do it yourself.
    Not to mention the foolish politicians who support things like the “law of retreat” and very weak “stand your ground” and “Castle doctrine” laws. Couple that with a “revolving door” justice system and this is what you are left with: brazen criminals who have no fear or apprehension about carrying out these haneous crimes!

    Purchase the best Mezzuzos which you can afford. Give plenty of Tzedakah. Get yourself and your family trained in the defensive use of firearms. Vote the politicians who want to make you into a criminal for defending your family, out of office! Get the foolish and dangerous laws against you protecting yourself changed and daven twice as hard tomorrow for Hashem to send Moshiach!!!

    • 18. Agree wrote:

      But you must know that it is almost impossible to acquire a legal firearm in NYC and really in most of NY state. There are other places where it’s a great idea, but you’re basically on a ghost hunt if you think you’re going to get a gun license in NY.

  • 19. Anonymous wrote:

    And LOCK your DOORS!!!!
    (Even if you live in a safe neighborhood )

  • 20. ahavasyisroel wrote:

    absolutely…and even without guns at least push for training in martial arts, stick, knives…anything. Yes we should have bitachon in Hashem but when the community doesn’t call for self defense training, we just end up as a soft, easily targeted population with bitachon in police and “Shomrim” instead of real bitachon

    • 22. hey wrote:

      No one said you must use a Colt. Smith & Wesson or Beretta is just as good.

  • 23. Wesley Hills not Pomona wrote:

    This took place in Wesley Hills which is not far from Pomona. But they are not the same place. Also, the video says Sat. night when it took place Fri. night.


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