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Video: Picky Package Thief Gets Pinched

Following our story on Shomrim nabbing an alleged picky package thief, CBS News once again picked up on the story, expressing their fascination with the great work of Shomrim, and the brazenness of this alleged thief.

by CBS New York

Some vigilant neighbors helped nab an alleged picky package thief in Brooklyn.

Video posted on shows how the suspect was taken into custody on Montgomery Street and Brooklyn Avenue.

It comes a little more than a week after a suspect was first caught on video looting packages left on porches just one block away.

Back on Feb. 18, surveillance video caught a suspect strolling up the steps of a victim’s home, picking up a package, tearing it open and throwing away anything he didn’t want.

“It’s infuriating,” victim Ben Lifshitz told CBS2’s Marc Liverman. “Guy walks up to the porch, hops up the stairs going two steps at a time, not a care in the world.”

A suspect was nabbed Feb. 27 after apparently attempting to do more of the same. This time, a Shomrim security volunteer spotted him, called other volunteers in, and they grabbed the suspect, holding him until police arrived.

Surveillance video of his arrest shows the suspect casually climbing up the steps of a home, sitting down on the top step, and tearing into a package. The suspect rifles through the package, pocketing some its contents, before picking up a second package, climbing down to the bottom of the stairs, sitting down and attempting to tear into it.

That’s when three men come running up and bring the suspect to the ground, holding him. They are joined by a two more men.

They held the suspect until the police arrived.

Hector Roman, 33, faces charges of with petit larceny and possession of stolen property.

Videos of the original theft:

Video of the thief getting caught in the act by Shomrim:


  • 1. gonev hyphen min hyphen haganev wrote:

    what’s with stealing his bike at the end of the video?

    • 2. Webby wrote:

      In the narrow space of the sidewalk, the bike was moved so no one gets hurt. When he was taken into custody the bike was taken by police.

  • 4. Uncle Mendel wrote:

    Big Deal! The charge at t most will be a misdemeanor, and as a first offense? It will most certainly get dismissed.

    On the other hand, our guys will be charged with
    (a) Assault
    (b) Battery
    (c) Aggravated assault
    (d) Racial Profiling
    (e) Violation of Civil Rights (that’s Federal)

    • 5. Milhouse wrote:

      They made a citizen’s arrest, so no assault, battery, or aggravated assault. Racial profiling is not a crime, so they can’t be charged with it, and which civil right did they violate?

    • 6. Big T wrote:


  • 7. DeClasse' Intellectual wrote:

    #50 you are right
    However the major issue is what will the judicial system in New York do with him given its liberal track record.

  • 11. #1 wrote:

    they put the bike at the beginning at the side of the house then then they out in on the lawn


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