Felony Charge Dropped in 770 Baby “Snatching” Case

A bizarre incident involving a mentally disturbed person snatching a baby from a stroller in the women’s section of 770, saw prosecutors drop the most serious charge – a felony – against the accused perpetrator.

by CrownHeights.info

The incident occurred back in October of 2017, where a 1-year-old baby boy was in a stroller in the women’s sections of 770 Eastern Parkway – the Lubavitch World Headquarters, and his 26-year-old mother left him briefly to go to the bathroom.

Upon returning she discovered that her child was missing. Quickly, she ran out onto the balcony and began screaming.

Police officers stationed at the nearby mobile command center heard the commotion and walked over. After hearing from the young mother – who is visiting from France – they began searching for the woman with the baby.

A short while later police located a 27-year-old Jewish woman nearby holding the baby. She was immediately arrested and was later released without bail at her arraignment the following day, because she couldn’t be held any longer without there being an indictment.

The Daily News has reported that prosecutors have now dismissed the most serious and sole felony charge after baby’s mother did not return from France to testify in a grand jury – which is impaneled to decide if the felony charges in a criminal complaint should stick.

“We are pleased the district attorney’s office was able to reduce the charges,” said Matthew Gartenberg, the lawyer for the accused, outside of Brooklyn Supreme Court. She still faces up to a year in jail on charges of unlawful imprisonment and endangering the welfare of a child.



  • 1. perhaps wrote:

    perhaps the MOTHER should be charge with child endangerment too. She left her child alone.

    • 2. Berel wrote:

      I knew it!


      We should lock her up for as long as possible. Her children will thank you for it!

  • 3. mm3 wrote:

    yes, the mother made a big mistake too.
    however, whatever the case, the girl should be compelled to undergo therapy, it is for her own well-being and for everyone else in the community too. Mental health is so tragically under-dealt with. Its time to wake up to dealing with it.

  • 4. jj wrote:

    its not unreasonable to leave your child stroller for two minutes outside the bathroom in 770

    • 5. Anonymous wrote:

      It is extremely unreasonable to leave ones treasure child alone in a public place. What are you thinking?????

  • 6. omor wrote:

    it might not be uncommon, but without asking someone you trust to watch, is, obviously from this article, unreasonable.

  • 8. Anonymous wrote:

    Agree with #1- ask someone you know to watch the child,or bring the stroller into the bathroom. It doesn’t take long for a tragedy to happen-what if the child is able to get out of the stroller-falls down stairs,goes into the street,etc. There’s no such thing as being too cautious when your child is involved.

    • 9. Milhouse wrote:

      And hence we get helicopter parents and a generation of snowflakes. Yes, there is such a thing as being too careful. We must keep a sane perspective, and take reasonable risks. If something is safer than crossing the road, it’s not sane to worry about it.

  • 10. Chesky B. wrote:

    770 is a safe place. However, would you leave 1 million dollars in cash outside while you run in for a minute or two? I wouldn’t. just a thought….

  • 11. Anonymous wrote:

    I don’t see how asking someone to watch your child for a minute is going to lead to being a helicopter parent.


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