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Thief Arrested After Stealing from KSCVK

A would be thief was apprehended after grabbing a fistful of bills and coins from a bucket that was meant for charity. Shomrim located the woman and police arrested her.


A thief was apprehended after robbing Mrs. Devorah Benjamin as she was collecting charity on Kingston Avenue in front of Gombo’s Bakery.

The incident began when an alert and concerned passerby called Shomrim to report a woman that was badgering Mrs. Benjamin, and while on the phone she suddenly thrust her hand into the bucket containing the donated coins and bills, and grabbed a fistful and fled.

As she began fleeing down President Street many Shomrim volunteers began flooding the area, and quickly spotted the thief near Albany Avenue.

Police were immediately notified and together they managed to stop her inside a nearby alleyway, where she attempted to hide.

After speaking with the victim, she was arrested and charged with robbery and the stolen money was returned. As she was being placed into custody it became apparent that the woman was under the influence of drugs or alcohol and attempted to resist, but was quickly subdued.

Mrs. Benjamin is a common sight, sitting in her booth in front of Gombo’s Bakery or in her tent in front of Empire Kosher, raising charity for KSCVK which is an organization that pay for the wedding needs of brides and grooms that require it.

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  • 1. Uncle Mendel wrote:

    “I’m not doin nuthin. I’m just (publically) drinkin and smokin crack”
    I rest my case..

    • 5. Baruch wrote:

      Hashems children?
      Are you completely nuts?
      Where do people like you come from

    • 6. Shoiteh wrote:

      give me a sorce where hashem calls all humans his children

      hashem refers to the jewish people as his children not all humans

      humans are all hashems creation who he gave free choice to do right or wrong. whats sad is that she made the wrong choice.

      may her arrest wake her up and help her start a new path in life with the right choices

  • 8. Thank you to the one who turned in the call wrote:

    and to Shomrim for quick response. Please keep us posted if this goniff has a court date – we will all come with Devorah !!!

    • 9. Yes wrote:

      Deborah deserves the support of everyone in our community. We should fill the courtroom and hallways to show our support.
      This very sick prep needs to be prosecuted and sentenced to drug rehab in a phsyc ward.

  • 11. Noson wrote:

    To all Anash.

    From the bottom of my hart, Devorah is a very very very special person, I’m not here to judge. But a very few people are like devorah……Devorah gives her wole life away.

    She will even give up her family (because of you)!!
    I’ve seen it first hand!!!!

    She is very dedicated to her work. As long as (i) know her.

    She would NEVER EVER complain.

    Devorah you should go stronger & stronger. You are the best. We need people like you in our community.

    Keep it up.

  • 12. So sad wrote:

    And the money for her habit of “drinkin liquer smokin crack” comes from…
    (a) theft
    (b) our hard earned, tax dollar sponsored food stamps and welfare checks
    (c) other illicit and/or illegal activity.
    (d) all of the above.
    What a waste of a human life!

  • 13. always around wrote:

    I see her ALL the time. she is completely drugged up – she was once drinking from the puddle that was filled with disgusting stuff on my street.


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