15-Year-Old Girl Grazed by Bullet in Crown Heights

A 15-year-old girl is lucky to be alive after a bullet meant for someone else tore a hole in her coat, leaving her shaken but unhurt. The incident occured on Shabbos afternoon in front of Congregation Ahavas Moshe, also known as the Maple Street Shul.

The incident occurred last Shabbos afternoon, November 25th, at around 2:40pm, right in front of the synagogue, located on Maple Street near the corner of Albany Ave.

Police say a gunman fired shots from a maroon-colored Infiniti at 590 Maple St. into a barbershop.

A 15-year-old girl who was walking by heard something go past her, then was stopped by a pedestrian telling her she had been shot.

She was not hit, but her coat was — a bullet had gone right through it.

Police say shots were also fired from the barber shop, located at 529 Albany Ave.

Police are investigating the incident.



  • 1. Meant for someone else wrote:

    Acc 2 the article it says the bullet was meant for someone else, my question is why do these ppl own guns & even if they do, why are they shooting ppl, no one is supposed to shooting someone else, yes it’s a miracle that this young girl is ok & nothing B”H happened to her, but why are ppl shooting each other, the city should be cracking down on ppl with guns & it should be a law that no 1 is allowed to own a gun

    • 2. Berel wrote:

      you are so right, but really, why stop there, i think they should also make a law that no 1 is allowed to rob or assault or do drugs and that’s just 3 and i’m not even really trying

    • 3. Jews need guns wrote:

      You may not have realized but the only people who follow the law are…., law abiding citizens. The criminals don’t follow the law. The current laws prohibit criminals from owning guns. So there: your request was answered. Sadly, In NYC area, all this law also does is to stop legal citizens from carrying guns to protect themselves and their families. This law needs to be changed. Citizens who follow the law should be allowed to carry guns for self defense

  • 4. Concealed carry wrote:

    It seems NY has such great laws to keep this type of crime impossible. Well, if the new law passes, I will be able to send bullets the other direction if I bother coming by.

  • 5. ahavasyisroel wrote:

    When good guys aren’t allowed to have guns, only bad guys will have the guns

  • 7. to number 1 wrote:

    i have a newsflash for you. new york city law doesnt allow people to own guns. the fact is that criminals get their guns illegally leaving your law abiding citizen with no way to defendhimself. the best defence against a bad man with a gun is a good man with a gun.

  • 9. gghost60 wrote:

    the law was racist in general to keep poor or peons from guns to protect themselves. that is one the reasons i moved of nyc. politicians and people like WE DO NOTbloomberg get them or have aRMED SECURITY! WE DO NOT COUNT ONLY WHEN THEY WANT YOUR VOTES!

  • 10. Again wrote:

    A bullet went through the window of this shul years ago. Everyone knows where the gunfire is coming from, and it’s not from Jews of l’havdil hipsters, BLM…

  • 11. jdf007 wrote:

    You folks are forgetting the most important thing. If banning guns would solve the problem of people shooting randomly where they shouldn’t have been, then politicians will have nothing to pretend to care about to get elected!

  • 12. Fed Up wrote:

    False story! N.Y.C. is a “gun-free” zone with strict gun-control laws, sarcasm of course! Law abiding citizens and guns is a good combo. Visit NRA.org!


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