Man Arrested for Anti-Semitic Harassment

by Staff

At around noon in Crown Heights today, a Jewish man was walking near the corner of Eastern Parkway and Albany Avenue, when an unidentified man walked over to him, spit on him, and shouted “all you Jews must die.”

The victim rode his bike over to police officers stationed on the corner and reported the incident.

The officers reacted quickly and apprehended the man, placing him under arrest despite his fierce resistance.

He was taken to the 71st Precinct and charged with aggravated harassment as a hate crime.


    • 3. To "enough" wrote:

      The District Attorney’s the one who decides if he’ll be out in two weeks or not.
      Two days ago was elections for DA (among others). Did you vote?

  • 6. 49 Yr in the hood wrote:

    Very Sad That our police Are not
    Traind To Takel A suspect
    Two Cops Could not Put hand cuffs
    One Blk dude
    What Shame To our police Force

  • 9. To # 2 wrote:

    You make a valid point about the criminal returning to the street shortly.

    But do you know that the Brooklyn DA is the one responsible for making sure that this thug is prosecuted harshly and kept behind bars.

    And the election for Brooklyn DA was just 2 days ago, as someone that seems concerned about such matters, did you take the time to vote?

    I surely did.


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