Police Search Leads to Massive Drug Bust

NYPD officers assisting Jersey City cops in a search that led to Brooklyn found themselves in a drug den with nearly $1 million in cash and 100 pounds of drugs in a Crown Heights apartment.

From the NY Daily News:

The NYPD officers were helping the New Jersey police track down a man wanted on arson and terroristic threat charges, authorities said.

The joint forces went, with a search warrant, cops said, to the Crown Heights apartment on Montgomery St. near Schenectady Ave. at about 10 p.m. Friday.

They arrested Humphrey Olivio, 36, Yazmin Olivio, 30, and Jose Pichardo, 24, on charges including criminal possession of marijuana and criminal sale of marijuana.


  • 1. A million bucks wrote:

    And they were still not happy. That’s cold (maybe counterfeit) cash, and I’m sure they had more in other locations.
    There should be a death penalty for possession of More than a day’s worth of drugs.

    • 2. UM wrote:

      Death penalty for possession drugs? Are you out of your mind?

      Laws do not equate morality and drug laws in the US are immoral. Grow up and get out of your shell. The drug war has hurt more people than drugs have. Look at Colorado, Washington and Portugal as models of decriminalization success stories.

  • 4. meir rhodes wrote:

    look what’s coming into the neighborhood! dear friends you must wake up. these drugs are going into your kids! the bust last wk of a crown heights jewish dealer is only the tip of the iceberg! the only solution organize, organize,organize. block by block by block. every building ,every neighborhood must gather and work to destroy the drug culture before it destroys you and your family!

    • 5. Berel wrote:

      It’s the worst of times, the age of foolishness, the epoch of incredulity, the season of Darkness, the winter of despair, we have nothing before us

  • 6. big t wrote:

    another tremendous waste of police resources. they found people with a plant. while the ER and funeral homes across the country are full of victims from opiod (sometime legally prescribed) overdoses.


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