Dead Woman Found on Sidewalk Wrapped in Blanket

The body of a dead woman was found wrapped in a blanket on the sidewalk of Union Street near Troy Avenue in Crown Heights. The woman appears to have been murdered, and police say a person of interest is in custody.

from DNAinfo by Rachel Holliday Smith and Aidan Gardiner

A person of interest was taken into custody after a dead woman was found wrapped in a bloody bed sheet on Union Street on Thursday morning, NYPD officials and witnesses said.

The woman, whose name and age weren’t immediately released, was discovered about 1:46 a.m. outside 1635 Union St., near Troy Avenue with trauma on her body, police said.

She was pronounced dead at the scene, officials said.

Neighbors on the Crown Heights block say the woman was a quiet, middle-aged woman who “never bothered anybody,” said Gaynor Williams, who saw her body near the trash bins outside her window early Thursday morning with bloody cuts on her neck and arm.

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    • 3. The Rebbe's Shechuna wrote:

      U can’t be serious. I’d take CH over Miami anyday.

    • 4. Nebach Maimi wrote:

      A Jewish person comes from crown height to visit a family member and is killed on a Shabbos going to Shul.
      Dont be so full of your self.

    • 5. A crown heightser wrote:

      Why do you exaggerate when you don’t know the facts? Are you part of the “fake news media”?! Or are you just out to trash crown heights???

    • 7. A crown heightser wrote:

      A man’s hands that slashed with a machete because they wanted his car

      A woman was beaten up and dragged in broad daylight and no one did anything to help her

      Hey man got punched in the jaw because he didn’t want to let the gang members in his home and they shut bullet holes through his walls

      All the above incidents took place in Melbourne Australia in a 24 hour period last week.
      (Let’s not forget mr. Roksin who was murdered on his way to Shaul in broad daylight in Miami)

  • 10. Sad wrote:

    This is definitely an every day occurrence! That’s why I’m moving out asap!!!

  • 11. Crown heights wrote:

    The גשמיות here reflects the רוחניות. When the רוחניות is good, so is the גשמיות, and visa versa

  • 12. Crown heights wrote:

    Right across from where the body was found there is a shoe store that never opened. In the basement from the so called shoe store there’s a lot of noise going on there which sounds like wild parties. Maybe they are connected.

  • 13. Andrea Schonberger wrote:

    Oh my! That poor lady–murdered then left on the street. I only hope that her family can be notified and arrange a decent burial.

  • 15. Anonymous wrote:

    That is from the most dangerous blocks in ch i don’t think U should bring proof from that block , i lived on that block for 7 years their was always incidents even in broud daylight


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