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Recidivist Car Burglar Returns to Crime After Release

On Friday night, NYPD officers caught a recidivist car burglar rummaging through a Jewish-owned car he had broken into in the heart of Crown Heights. The thief, Charvis McCracken, 45, was caught red-handed inside the vehicle only three months after he was arrested for car burglary and possession of a loaded gun.

The incident occurred on Carroll Street near Kingston Ave., and police quickly determined that the suspect had broken into multiple vehicles in the vicinity, having found him with lots of stolen property from various vehicles in his possession.

The NYPD reached out to Shomrim to inform community members whose cars had been broken into that they should go down to the 71st Precinct and file a police report, as it is possible that their stolen possessions had been recovered and may be returned to them.


  • 1. BLAME THE LEFT!! wrote:

    The left in America thinks the problem is over incarceration.
    So they put judges in, that instead of working to keep repeated offenders locked away, for the public safety, they look to get them out on the streets as fast as possible.

  • 3. not surpirsed wrote:

    he was released after only 3 months? actually probably less he should be in jail not walking the streets is t any wonder people don’t respect the NYPD if they woulddo their job right this wouldn’t happen! special thanks to our mayor Debozo de clown

    • 4. Soxfan wrote:

      Just checked the docket sheet on line. On 10/14/16, a judge named Hecht released McCracken on recognizance. This despite the fact that only 2 days before that his bail was set at $ 15 thousand.

  • 5. Teaching them wrote:

    It seems that prison is not teaching prisoners what is wrong with doing crimes. Maybe Chabad can do more with non-Jewish prisoners in jail, too, teaching an awareness of a Supreme Being and the sheva mitzvos?

  • 6. martin wrote:

    Number #1

    It’s a crazy America again!!

    Justice sucks!!

    The funniest thing is, these criminals get FREE room & board……& a TV too!!

    What a luxury.

    Last but not least, it comes out of our taxes.

    Crazy America.

  • 7. Soxfan wrote:

    Now at Riker’s. Bail is only 500 dollars or 1,000 bond. Pretty low for a perp with a pending gun charge.
    Call the DA and demand an explanation!


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