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Armed Mugger Attacks 3 Crown Heights Women

Three Jewish women were the victims of mugging attacks in separate incidents throughout Sunday afternoon and evening in Crown Heights. One victim had her purse stolen with over $3,000 worth of jewelry, while the other two victims were held up at knifepoint.

The incidents all took place on Sunday, with the first occurring at around 1:30pm in an apartment building on Montgomery Street and Troy Avenue. The victim, a Jewish woman in her 60s, was about to enter her apartment when a man came up behind her and snatched her purse, then fled. The purse contained cash and jewelry valued at over $3,000. The victim told police that the mugger was an African-American man who appeared to be in his 20s.

The victim in the second incident, also a Jewish woman in her 60s, was walking on Montgomery Street near Kingston Avenue at approximately 4:30pm, when a man held her up at knifepoint and demanded her valuables.

All the woman had with her was $4 in cash, and she quickly gave it to the mugger. The victim described her attacker to police as an African-American man in his 20s as well.

A third incident took place on Crown Street near Kingston Avenue at 6:30pm, when a 22-year-old Jewish woman was accosted by an African-American man brandishing a knife. “She was walking when suddenly she feels a tap on her shoulder and she turns around and sees a [man] who puts a knife up against her stomach and says ‘don’t talk, don’t say a word’ then ‘gimme all you got’” a relative of the victim related to

The victim immediately turned over her wallet and dropped a shopping bag she was holding and fled, while the mugger ran in the opposite direction.

“Though she was not physically harmed she is extremely traumatized,” the family member said.

Police sources said that they are treating these incidents as a pattern, and detectives are out collecting surveillance video in the hopes of identifying and apprehending the mugger.


  • 3. Soft Wind wrote:

    What possesses persons to carry all of the jewelry they have?
    Can’t ladies try to change their routine every day and not be so habitual when going about?
    When strangers schlep hither and thither they are up to something. Likely these are friends of the one that was shot for tearing into the shul and the murder of a Daviner. What is so difficult>? Foreigners need to find a way to connect their people like any other people. Everybody has every opportunity to connect and engage their community to make it strong. It doesn’t have to be a sports person. Everybody has a chance at college, including a fast track 6 month mental health training that pays much over time. Look into it. That’s 28/hour or more depending. Mental health techs are like sitters for others needing support for a time.
    Knives belong with the butchers.


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