Swastikas Scrawled on Crown Heights Sidewalk

A CrownHeights.info reader submitted photos of a Swastika that was spray-painted on a sidewalk on a block predominantly populated by Jewish residents, located just around the corner from the 71st Police Precinct.

The reader said that he discovered the hateful graffiti spray-painted on the sidewalk as he was walking to Shul for morning prayers.

He said the graffiti was located on Montgomery Street near Brooklyn Avenue, a block of predominantly Jewish residents just around the corner from the NYPD’s 71st Precinct.

It is unclear if a police report was filed, or if there were any additional such discoveries in the neighborhood.

This incident comes following an uptick in hateful rhetoric throughout the recent presidential elections and following the stunning election of Donald Trump. Many protesters took to the street proclaiming “he is not my president,” while others took a far more hateful approach, likening the president-elect to Hitler and spray-painting swastikas alongside his name. It is unclear though if this incident is in any way related to the election.

Update 11:10am: Police are now investigating the incident as a hate crime. “In front of 576 Montgomery St [an] unknown person drew a swastika on the sidewalk at [the] location. [The incident] is being investigated as a hate crime [and] extra patrols are being added” police said in a statement.

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    Time to learn how to protect yourself and your family. CHJCC.Training program KRAV MAGA for BOYS,MEN,TEENS.

    • 3. Crookeds fault wrote:

      Literally the only trump voters in that part of Brooklyn have been Jews, so more like – thanks Hillary.

    • 4. Milhouse wrote:

      How’s it Trump’s fault that some antisemitic Democrat threatens Jews for having supported him?

    • 5. so what else is new wrote:

      go blame trump for what your neighborhood kid-rats do…… you are a cry baby…….you should be ashamed to write bochur and then put an ignorant sarcastic comment for all to see. i hope that you feel better. take care of your neshama and stay away from this type of post…… be well

  • 8. Thanks Trump?? wrote:

    so now every antisemitic gesture will be blamed on trump? get a life! this is obviously not from a neo-nazi or they would know how to draw a swastika – not a mirror image that resembles an Aleph….

  • 9. Andrea Schonberger wrote:

    The slogan of many Trump followers is “Making America White and Christian again”. Didn’t you see them chanting at Trump rallies Jew SA, Jew SA? So why should we be surprised at the swastika.

    • 10. Milhouse wrote:

      No, we didn’t see “them” chanting. We saw one person, who was probably a Clinton campaign worker. Perhaps there were some people with such a slogan, but it was never “many”, and most or all of them would have been working for Clinton.


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