Suspect Captured After Bolting from Police Custody

A suspect under arrest bolted from police custody last night in Crown Heights. He was recaptured shortly afterwards.

The incident occurred Tuesday night at around 8:15pm. The suspect, Dwyane McCleary, 21, was arrested on second-degree robbery charges.

He took off as officers tried to place him in the back of a squad car in front of his home at Troy Avenue and Dean Street, fleeing while still wearing his handcuffs.

After about two hours on the lam, the suspect was recaptured in a nearby apartment building at 10:20pm.


  • 2. Speedy Gonzalez? wrote:

    How on earth did he out run the cops with his hands cuffed behind his back?
    Either her should enter the criminal olympics or the cops need to cut down on doughnuts!!!


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