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Father of Two Fatally Shot in Crown Heights

A 46-year-old father of two was fatally shot early this morning in Crown Heights. The incident occurred near the corner of St. John’s Place and Schenectady Avenue around 2:00am.

Witnesses told News 12 that they were woken up by around five gunshots.

The victim was identified as 46-year-old Benedict Sam, a livery cab driver who lived in the neighborhood.

He was transported by EMS to Kings County Hospital with a gunshot wound to his chest, and was pronounced dead shortly thereafter.


    • 2. Ch is a ghetto wrote:

      That’s why I left that stupid neighborhood with flying colors. I’ve been so happy ever since. I don’t have to leave my neighborhood anymore for labor day. All these jews are brainwashed thinking that ch is so great.

  • 3. shliach in NY state wrote:

    This was a murder intended due to old disputes, otherwise it is indeed a safe place just as good as park slope

    • 4. Anonymous wrote:

      Park slop disputes end in the court and ch disputes on the streets …’s still scary area just to be around the criminal

  • 5. DeClasse' Intellectual wrote:

    but, according to national rankings, New York(including Brooklyn which is considered the pits) is amongst the top in non-safe places and worse places to live

  • 6. HAROLD C. wrote:

    My wife lived on the block pictured, I lived on Sterling pl. the adjacent street. It was indeed a lovely area Irish ,Italian and Jewish. Then the city erected the projects and everything went downhill. Every store had to put iron gates to protect their property. The whites fled to long Island or NJ. the jews that left were replaced by Chassids. and the area was no longer harmonious. Everyday there is more and more crime.the big parade will probably add 3 more violent crimes. My 2 young sons were mugged in front of Dubrows one afternoon, thats when we left

  • 7. HAROLD C. wrote:

    My wife Barbara Silverman lived on the block pictured until we were married in 1956. It was a lovely neighborhood before the “projects” were built.


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