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Video: Thief Steals Package and Garbage Bin

A thief entered the driveway of Crown Heights home and stole a package that had been left there by delivery personnel. The thief then placed the package in an expensive garbage bin and walked off the property in broad daylight.

The incident occurred yesterday, Wednesday, May 11th at around 2:30 in the afternoon. The home is located on President Street between Albany and Troy Avenues.

The perpetrator does not appear to be the same suspect involved in the high profile incident one month ago, in which packages were stolen from several residents of the same building.


  • 1. 48 yr in the hood wrote:

    when are the endangered species
    leave us alone . enough already
    dai kefar .
    and then to buy a home here it 1.5 mil

    this does not make cents or $

  • 3. It's time to add cameras that will capture faces wrote:

    This is not the first time, and unfortunately probably not the last.

    With all the security cameras there getting high res color pictures, we still don’t have clear pictures of FACES. Everyone installing security cameras should strategically place a camera that can capture clear images of faces. Even a black and white still image of a face might go further than this bird’s eye level color video. If combined – we will be armed with much more!

  • 5. IDEA...a Tast of their own medicine! wrote:

    Start putting real garbage in parcel post boxes so the thieves can get what they deserve!

    They can then use the garbage cans to keep Crown Heights cleaner.


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