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Young Woman Viciously Assaulted and Mugged

Last night, Motzei Shabbos, at around midnight, a young Jewish woman was brutally assaulted and mugged in the lobby of her apartment building.

The incident occurred at around 12:00am in the lobby of 1625 President Street, located on the corner of Schenectady Avenue.

The victim, a Jewish woman in her twenties, was followed into her building by an African-American man, who went up behind her, grabbed her by the neck, and demanded her phone and then demanded money.

The assailant choked the woman, and threatened to kill her if she didn’t immediately comply.

The woman gave up her phone and a $5 bill she had in her pocket, and the assailant fled the scene.

In a conversation with law enforcement following the attack, the woman said that she was in fear for her life.

Shomrim and police searched the area for the perpetrator, but he remains at large at this time and an investigation is ongoing.


  • 1. STOP wrote:

    This is the plague of the cell phone! Instead of having her wits about her and keeping her eyes open for what’s going on around her, she was busy texting and therefore oblivious to the world! Let this be a warning to others to keep their eyes and wits on what’s going on around them instead of the idolized phone.

  • 4. read wrote:

    The victim, a Jewish woman in her twenties, *******was followed into her building by an African-American man,********
    who went up behind her, grabbed her by the neck, and demanded her phone and money.

  • 5. Yitzchok wrote:

    I hope that the young woman is OK. Hopefully they’ll catch this perp before he’ll strike again.

  • 6. It's time to add cameras that will capture faces wrote:

    Every place that has security cameras, should add one or two that can capture the faces, placed at the average human height. It doesn’t need to take motions, just stills every half a second or so, those can then be matched up with the birds eye cameras so we can get better pictures and ID of perps!!!

    • 7. doesnt matter wrote:

      or maybe move from dangerous and depressing crown heights into a much safer area!! thank god I did and I never look back!

  • 8. Anonymous wrote:

    She should sue the landlord for being traumatized from the whole incident being there the door did not block behind her

    • 9. doesnt matter wrote:

      if one sued the landlord bc a door wouldn’t lock, 99% of landlords in this entire country would be sued bc most landlord don’t give a darn abt anyone/anything except for their rent $$$.

  • 10. ATTN Chaim wrote:

    I live in this building. The door has an electric lock which is turned off for Shabbos. The super, Oscar, is supposed to turn it back on an hour after Shabbos, but…

  • 11. budiling door wrote:

    it seems from the video that the door was unlocked and every perp is able to walk through freely.

    this should be corrected immediately/

  • 12. In to old days wrote:

    There was a group of Jews (Russians, (or in Williamsburg satmar) that used to beat a few people after such an incident to stop it, but now we are all liberals (and feminist) and complain about the quality of the camera

  • 14. Cell Phone!!! wrote:

    Again with the cell phone. Use it and you are unaware that the door behind you is still open and someone is coming in for you.

    • 15. thumbs up wrote:

      Cell phones are distractions – look how she is walking & texting. Can’t it wait? These animals see an opportunity and grab it. This could have been avoided had the girl been aware of her surroundings – but a text is far more important.

    • 16. Blame it on the cell phone wrote:

      Cell phones are like oxygen. We cannot live without them. Now w e start blaming the victim for acting as anyone of us would!

    • 17. Old Timer wrote:

      Did I read that right – “Cell phones are like oxygen”???

      Do you think you will die without your cell phone??

      This girl could have!

      Take it from an Old Timer, there is life possible without cell phones.

      (Not to mention how many lives are ruined by cell phones).

  • 18. poor girl wrote:

    this is so frightening. my heart goes out to this young woman.

    could so easily have been any one of us.

  • 19. Turn off your phone! wrote:

    Like other commenters, PLEASE do not be using your phone when you are walking around, ladies!!
    This young woman was lucky, the young woman in TX was not. In these days we need to be aware of our surroundings and people around us.

    • 20. Cell phone and tznius wrote:

      Blame everything on cell phones and tznius and machlokes…but if truth be told, we are living in a jungle. Everyday that nothing bad happens is a miracle.

    • 21. Men preaching wrote:

      “PLEASE do not be using your phone when you are walking around, ladies!!”

      Why is this only to ladies???

      Men walk into walls while talking on their phones – I have seen it!

      Men walk directly in front of traffic while yakking – I have seen it!

      Why is this directed to “ladies”?!

      Get away from the stereotype that ladies are always yenting and that ladies are scatterbrains.

    • 22. Womans Lib wrote:

      So now we have to contend with feminist and political correctness.

  • 23. sw wrote:

    do any neighbors have surveillance cameras so he may have been seen from other cameras at a better angle??

  • 26. 1625 Resident wrote:

    Mazel Tov, they changed the lock. So silly how they always wait for something drastic to happen before they spend one penny on anything.

  • 27. Yoilie wrote:

    Letr me ask a simple question: How does a story about a vicious mugging bring about comments from people about femminist and women’s lib, shmiras shabbus, tznius and cell phone use? Ich farshtei nisht! Mah inyan shmita aitzel har sinai?! These people make like a tea pot – hackt ah t’china’ik.


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