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Thief Armed with Knife Tries to Enter Jewish Home

On Friday afternoon, January 8th, in broad daylight and in the heart of Crown Heights, a Jewish family came very close to tragedy, without realizing they were in grave danger until several days later.

The family, residing on Carroll Street between Albany and Troy Avenues, began to suspect something was amiss last week when a package ordered online was listed as delivered, but had never been received.

Realizing that someone must have stolen the package from their porch, the family members turned to their surveillance cameras to see if they could spot the criminal in the act. When they reviewed the footage, they were horrified by what they saw.

On the previous Friday afternoon, at around 2:30pm, a man armed with a long knife had stolen the package from their porch and put it into a large black garbage bag. Then, armed with his weapon, he tried to break into their home.

Thankfully, the door was locked, and after investing trivial effort to open it, the thief left.

A Shomrim coordinator told that these ‘Amazon thieves’ often trail behind delivery trucks, waiting for a package to be left on the porch, which they then swoop in and steal. The large black garbage bag in the video was undoubtedly filled with many such packages from unsuspecting homeowners.


  • 4. Same guy wrote:

    This guy has stolen a package from me and his picture is on the wall at kahans grocery, he always wears the same black leather looking backpack and black shoes he is acting with impunity and I hope he gets caught soon and stopped

  • 7. DeClasse' Intellectual wrote:

    Why the surprise?? This is the norm in Crown heights. Live there at your own risk!!!!

  • 9. mezuzahs checking please wrote:

    the rebbe has said a few times when l open to his letters to stress to family and friends to check there mezuzahs and please people many people just do have there mezuzahs on the right place on the door frame,please the sh ar say it needs to be 1/3 from the top 2/3 from the bottom,it does not matter if you’re tall or whatever other misconseed notions comes to your head,l have made copies for all the res in my building,what should l tell you,the rebbe once said at a farb that l am speaking to con of deaf people,no one hears him, few poeple now know they had there mezuzahs on the wrong place,those that learn the sh ar have them on the right place elizer lipkind is k’ah a will put the mezuzahs properly on the right place,he will dill holes into the door post,give him a call 604 3527 yes he does call shimon hellerger

    • 10. Milhouse wrote:

      That is not correct. The mezuzah does not need to be at the bottom of the top third, it can be anywhere in the top third. If it’s a short doorway, put it higher, so it’s at shoulder height. I don’t know what kind of plant produces a “misconseed”, or what it’s got to do with this, but this shows the perils of just paskening blindly from shulchon oruch.

  • 13. I have a Plan wrote:

    This will only work if many people do it.
    Take an empty box that you recently got and fill it with weighted garbage. (rocks, sand, etc) and leave it out for that animal to steal. After a short time the problem should be solved

  • 14. Not from CH nor NY wrote:

    This happens in all kinds of neighborhoods and in cities big and small.
    Most delivery services only get a signature if the sender has requested. To ensure that your package arrives safely it is best to phone in orders and request verification of deilvery by a signature. Only deal with companies that give you an order confirmation number and a tracking number. FOLLOW ALL TRACKING INFORMATION. Get updates and confirmation information via email, phone or messaging. It is best if possible to have deliveries made to a place of business or to someone who will be home when package is expected.

  • 15. mezuzahs checking please wrote:

    it’s in the sh ar to have your mezuzahs on the right place on the door post,people have their own ideas,please,this is for your protection,the rebbe is begging you to fix this,there are many old timers who also had there mezuzahs on the wrong place on the doorframe how much more can l do to convince you!

  • 16. Joe Ben Shimon wrote:

    I am no expert, but it seems he did not try to break in, it looked like he was trying to not look suspicious to people passing by. It should look like he was going into his house.

    These type of crimes should be easy for the NYPD to stop.

  • 17. whats wrong wrote:

    whats wrong with kids watching this ,…. should they not be aware of the possibility …..or you would like for your kids to walk around ignorant to the fact …
    some people really need to get their head out the gutter


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