NYPD Probes Medgar Evers Assault as Hate Crime

Police are investigating an unprovoked assault on an Orthodox-Jewish student of Medgar Evers college in Crown Heights as a possible hate crime.

The incident occurred last Wednesday at around 6:00pm. The victim, a 24-year-old Orthodox-Jewish man, had just taken an exam and was walking down a hallway along with three other students at the college’s science building when a man bumped him from behind.

The student tapped the man on the shoulder with an umbrella he was carrying, and the man responded by punching him in the face and stomach. “Why are you doing this?” the student asked the assailant, who responded: “I don’t like Jewish people; I don’t like white people.”

The NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force is investigating the incident.


  • 1. Dovber wrote:

    Good idea to send more of our young adult there…


    Brooklyn has much better colleges anyway, no
    loss to us. Brooklyn College is a 10 minutes away.

  • 2. BIG DEAL wrote:

    There’s been a number of anti-Semitic attacks lately(by black), each time the NYPD announced they are investigating it as a hate crime.
    still waiting for an arrest!

  • 5. REALLY? wrote:

    But ask Devorah Halberstam, she thinks we should look for more trouble and should try to get into that place. After all, look how staunchly firm our youth are in their yiddishkiet in general. Aside from the anti semitism, I hate to think what it would do to our youth spiritually. But she’s not concerned about that aspect either. Academically, it is on a far lower level than most other colleges, on a Jew friendly (or white) level, even lower yet so what is the point? what is she out to prove??? I can’t say gain because there’s nothing to be gained by our youth getting mixed up there.

  • 7. Let them start wrote:

    Let them start by changing their faculty, hiring Orthodox professors and adding courses that reward and reflect Judaism.

    And most importantly changing their anti Jewish attitudes of both the administration as well as the student body (as many have commented)

    I am not advocating college at all, but this needs to change regardless.

  • 8. Why Medgar Evans? wrote:

    Medgar Evans is the kind of place that cultivated the hate crime assault committed there, v’dai l’mayvin. If a Jewish student must go to college just about any other is a better option than that sewer.

  • 9. one who knows the truth wrote:

    I went to medgar Evers nursing program. The school is definitely geared more to afro Americans. Even though I was kicked out under a previous administration for being a white orthodox jew, I still love the school. Not everyone is anti jews and I made good friends there. I went to court and was allowed back in as a result and got my license. However I know from speaking to the rebbe he didn’t approve of college at all for people frum from birth. For baalei tshuva he allowed certain colleges like stern college on a case by case basis. He was adamant about Hashem will provide parnosa. I didn’t know of anyone from a lubavitcher family that he allowed to go to college. He agreed to my going to college.

  • 10. one who knows the truth continued wrote:

    I realize I didn’t explain fully. I spoke to the rebbe several times and the subject of college came up. This was between 1967 and 1970 when women got to speak to him after women’s convention and before rosh hashana. The rebbe wanted me to finish stern college which I did. My friend was told to transfer to stern. She was also a baal tshuva. I went to medgar Evers in 2002


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