Police: Jewish Teen Fabricates Hate Crime

Yesterday evening, a Jewish teenager in Crown Heights called 911 and reported that he had been the victim of a hate crime. Police responded by swiftly arresting and charging the suspected perpetrator, but later discovered to their chagrin that the whole thing had been made up.

The incident occurred at around 6:00pm, Wednesday evening. The alleged victim told police that he was riding his bike near the corner of Kingston Ave. and Carroll Street when he was approached by a group of four African-American men. He claimed that one of the men pushed him off his bike and tried to steal it, while shouting anti-Semitic slurs, including ‘Heil Hitler’ and ‘Hitler should have killed you all.’

Police responded to the scene and swiftly caught and arrested the alleged perpetrator, charging him with attempted robbery and a hate crime.

However, amid a subsequent interview with the alleged victim, police detectives discovered inconsistencies with his story. After further questioning, the ‘victim’ admitted that he had fabricated the story in an attempt to get back at the man following a verbal altercation.

The officers apologized to the accused man and released him from custody.


  • 3. Crown Heights Resident wrote: wrote:

    The teen (regardless of age) should be locked in jail for a few days with a permanent mark on their record to discourage teens from playing these kind of games

  • 4. Terrible wrote:

    I hope the Jewish boy who made the false allegation faces criminal charges for wasting police resources and potentially ruining an innocent man’s life. Disgusting.

  • 8. Ephraim wrote:

    The alleged “Victim” is a punk!
    Who’s his parents? (Actually I don’t want to know.)

  • 9. I am a jew from the neighborhood wrote:

    I myself would have disciplined the ‘boy who screamed wolf’.

  • 10. Milhouse wrote:

    Most well-publicized “hate crimes” are hoaxes. And yes, that includes many purportedly “anti-semitic” incidents that get a lot of publicity.

    But this is different, because usually a sign of a hoax is that there is no information about the alleged perpetrator and it seems that nobody is really looking for one. In this case the hoaxer accused a specific person and got him arrested. It’s disappointing to see someone in our community behave like that. I hope he has been arrested and charged.

    • 11. ??? wrote:

      Totally disagree. most reports of antisemitic hate crimes are genuine: in fact, this is the first fabrication I have heard of. Please state your sources & give more details.

    • 13. Milhouse wrote:

      If this is the first fabrication you’ve heard of then you clearly haven’t been paying attention. Any time you hear of a “hate crime” that attracts a lot of attention, but there is no evidence of who did it, be very suspicious.

    • 14. Family Guy wrote:

      According to Milhouse’s logic, most antisemitic graffiti, assuming it falls under the category of a hate crime, is not the product of an actual hate-filled perpetrator but, rather, is actually being committed by a Jew.

      Please, Milhouse, spare us your quasi-intellectual hogwash and get a life. What a shame that a bright guy like yourself must get his jollies by picking pointless battles in a faceless online forum.

  • 17. CROWN HEIGHTS OR SEDOM? wrote:

    WOW, WOW, WOW!!!! Such sinas chinam, it is absolutely frightening! let’s not conceal it as being proper and all that “political correctness”. what this poor kid did was wrong, admitted, and should be told that this is not the way to deal with a problem. But if you hateful people would have read the ENTIRE article you would have seen that this “alleged” creep had altercations with this boy before and this boy very obviously did not know how to deal with it. Ephraim, you called the kid a “punk”, all I can say to you is; it takes one to know one!!!! it’s time we start having some ahavas yisroel. Even when one needs to be reprimanded it should be done with love, NOT with the venom that reeks from the above comments. (I don’t know the boy involved but I do know that he is a JEW and my allegiance is with my own people)
    the commentators above make me ashamed of being a part of this community.

    • 18. Milhouse wrote:

      So what if he had an altercation? What makes you think the guy did anything wrong? The kid is clearly at fault and needs to be charged, just as we would expect charges if the roles were reversed.

    • 19. Ezra wrote:

      The problem here is that he’s “poisoned the well” for the future. From now on, when any other Jew gets attacked (R”L) in a hate crime, public opinion, and that of the authorities, is likely to be, “Nah, it’s probably just made up” – after all, there is now a precedent for that.

      If nothing else, _that_ is a strong reason to “throw the book” at him and prevent such a thing from ever happening again. Not sinas chinam, but a clearheaded view of the repercussions of his action.

  • 20. remember shomrim 6 wrote:

    it must be a shmira linked teenager because only shmira can produce ppl to come up with such disgusting lies that can ruin a mans life for good like putting him in jail

  • 21. Don't we have enough? wrote:

    Don’t we have enough REAL hate crimes going on???

    Why the need to fabricate one?

  • 24. Larry wrote:

    What the kids did was wrong but there was an altercation as is stated in the article probably set off the whole thing

  • 25. ukedai bizoyon,,,, wrote:

    Got to love the free entertainment you get from MILLHOUSE!
    The guy takes krumkeit to the ‘nth degree!

  • 26. Bev. Uk lover of crown heights. wrote:

    The boy had a big argument with the black guy. The black guy may have been anti semetic so the boy wanted to get his own back. He was so annoyed with the black guys verbal spuke he wanted him punished. He is only young and wasnt aware of the outcome. Shame for him. Also the black guy needs a good talking to and tell him not to interfere again with other decent communities. The jewish boy must not be punished in any way. Weve had enough problems.

  • 27. Ahavas Yisrael !!! wrote:

    such sinas chinom
    who said it is a lie it could be it is true, maybe they don’t think its true, until there is clear proof you cant say anything. pure sinas chinom!

  • 28. To 26 wrote:

    The boy is a teen, not a child. He knew what he was doing was wrong. He deserves to be reprimanded accordingly.

    No additional information is provided about the altercation leading to the lie, and it is unfair for us to assume it was instigated by the African American or to make assumptions that the man was making anti-Semitic remarks.

    The only hard facts here is that an altercation occurred and this teen decided to lie and potentially ruin the life of, in context, an innocent man. The teen, should he be Jewish or not, deserves reprimand.


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