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Wheels Stolen Off Car on New York and President

A black Honda belonging to a Jewish resident of Crown Heights, which was parked on New York Ave. near the corner of President Street, was the latest victim of the mysterious wheel thieves who have been operating with impunity and devastating vehicle owners all over the neighborhood over the last couple of years.

The theft occurred sometime during Sunday night. The wheels were hurriedly removed and the car left resting on crude cinderblocks. The wheels, worth hundreds of dollars each, will be sold on the black market for a hefty profit.

These brazen thefts have been occurring on a regular basis, though in the past several months no incidents were brought to our attention. The targeted cars have been mostly new and in the upper range, particularly newer-model Hondas, though some older and cheaper vehicles have fallen victim as well.

Be sure to protect your vehicle in as many ways as possible so you do not become a victim. Anti-theft lug nuts and car tilt alarms are two examples of relatively simple safety measures that can be added to a vehicle. Remember, even if an added security measure isn’t 100% foolproof, it will still likely deter thieves from targeting your car and cause them to move on to an easier target.

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  • 1. mob wrote:

    if you haven’t been able to figure out the pattern by now, it happens during heavy rain. They know that the streets are empty at this time. I will bet a week’s paycheck that it happens again the next time it rains heavily. Shomrim: are you paying attention?

  • 2. tss2 wrote:

    people have been asking for surveillance cameras to be subsidized here. can’t the community council come up with something??

    • 4. Riv wrote:

      If what mob says it true, they like do it during heavy raining and it is much harder for cameras to see identity, plus they would be wear clothing to mask themselves and using umbrellas, making it extremely difficult to identify with cameras. Shomrim and 71st must be vigilant during bad weather as well as each of us. See something, say something.

  • 5. DeClasse' Intellectual wrote:

    Why the protests and uproars?? After all, this is New York where this is an everyday occurrence!!!!!!!

  • 7. #4 wrote:

    Even if it is New York, nobody likes to go get their car to get ready to go to work, or do whatever you have to do and find out your wheels have been stolen from your car


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