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Shomrim Volunteer Tackles Kingston Ave. Thief

At around 3:00 this afternoon, a Shomrim volunteer was parking his scooter on Kingston Avenue near Crown Street when a Jewish woman approached him and said she had just been robbed.

The woman would later explain that she was bent over and adjusting the straps of her child’s backpack, while in her other hand she held her phone, some papers, and a $20 bill. The thief, an African-American male in his mid 40s, stealthily approached her and snatched the money right out of her hand, then fled up Kingston Ave. towards Carroll Street.

The Shomrim volunteer spotted the suspect running up the Avenue, and immediately gave chase. He caught up with him on Carroll Street between Kingston and Brooklyn Aves. When he was confronted, the suspect turned around and tried to assault the Shomrim volunteer.

A scuffle ensued, but thankfully the volunteer – assisted by backup and other passersby – was able to tackle and subdue the suspect. Though the man resisted violently, the group was able to hold him down until police arrived.

When police arrived, they took the man into custody, while Shomrim brought the victim to the scene to file a report. The victim described what happened, and identified the alleged perpetrator, who was then placed under arrest and charged with the crime.

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  • 1. 882w wrote:

    another sad waste of life. they have purpose too. where are their leaders in helping them find purpose and meaning and decency in their lives.

    • 3. CHLEAKS wrote:

      Today “just” $20, and tomorrow, what or who r”l will it be?l

      We can’t be sheep!!!

      Thank you Shomrim for a job well done!!!

      Thank you commenter for not being on the scene, by the comment you made, i can safely assume you wouldn’t have helped.

    • 4. Anon wrote:

      Are you kidding me? It’s not about the amount of money, it’s about the crime. If somone does thrips for 20 they’ll do it for a lot more.

    • 5. Violation wrote:

      Were you ever mugged? The sceen plays over and over in your mind. It can be quite traumatizing even if nothing of value is taken.

  • 11. Appreciative wrote:

    I watched it happen and Shomrim did a nice job of holding the robber without hurting him and actually managed to calm him down as the police arrived.

  • 12. Malach Hamaves wrote:

    New York City should also approve the use of “Sniper Rifles” against these violent thugs… See how quick the crime rate plummets…. A bullet costs less than a dollar, how much will this piece of human garbage cost society and the taxpayers now?

  • 14. berel g wrote:

    I happened to be drivind by and watched the shomrim in action, they are very proffesional. Thank you for your service.


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