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Video: Drive-By Shooting on Empire and Albany

A drive-by shooting on the corner of Empire Blvd. and Albany Ave. shortly after Shabbos ended, which shook area residents, was captured on surveillance video.

After many community members contacted for information about the shooting, we obtained surveillance footage of the incident, which took place on Motzei Shabbos, May 9th.

The footage shows two cars pull up alongside each other on Empire Blvd. at the Albany Ave. intersection. Several shots were fired from one of the vehicles into the other, which then fled westbound down Empire Blvd.

Several pedestrians were on the street at the time of the incident, including a young Jewish girl who passed in front of the cars right before the shooting took place. Thankfully, no one outside the vehicles was injured in the incident.

The condition of the shooting victim is unknown to us at this time. NYPD detectives are investigating the incident.


  • 1. Israels safer wrote:

    Actually wait a second – no it isnt – theres a terrorist attack there every other day

  • 3. yossi wrote:

    welcome to mayor de blasio world more crime more shooting …….since he is mayor expect it to get worse. dont elect liberals. rudy giuliani we need u back.

  • 4. sure wrote:

    NYPD detectives are investigating the incident.

    Wake me up when the NYPD catch anyone.

    As long as they are busy giving tickets to all the jewish cars

    • 5. enough! wrote:

      enough playing victim, it’s getting old. Do you know what city policemen have to put up with…?!?!

  • 6. tce wrote:

    can’t we get someone to subsidize surveillance cameras? I know it doesnt stop crime, but its part of the issue.


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