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Video: Violent Altercation with Police Puts Toddler in Danger

A video that is going viral on social media shows four police officers arresting a man on a Crown Heights street. The incident occurred yesterday, Sunday, on Empire Blvd. between Kingston and Brooklyn Aves.

The NYPD says officers were conducting an investigation into a report of a possible stolen vehicle, when the man in the video ‘inserted himself’ into the situation.

Police say that the man, a 22-year-old who resides on the block, began interfering with the investigation and prevented officers from securing the vehicle. When police ordered him to back away, he became belligerent and refused to obey.

“[The suspect] picked up a young child and ran into the street while shouting and refused to return to the sidewalk,” police sources and witnesses said; “he put himself, other motorists and most importantly a little girl in danger for no good reason.

“When police removed him from the roadway he became violent, and when he was told he is being placed under arrest he refused to let go of the child – further endangering her during the skirmish that ensued,” police said.

At this point the video begins. A woman is seen pleading with the man to let the child go, and is then seen taking the crying child from the man’s arms.

Police officers then tackle the man to ground and attempt to place his hands in cuffs. “All right, all right” the man is heard saying once he is restrained. “All right?” one of the officers retorts, “you wanna fight for no reason… stop resisting.”

The man was charged with resisting arrest, two counts of reckless endangerment of a child, obstruction of vehicular traffic, unreasonable noise and obstruction of governmental administration.


  • 1. Thank you NYPD! wrote:

    Thank g-d the police were able to rescue that child from a psychopath. Thankfully no yidden were involved as we know there was a large street fair yesterday with lots of young children out and about. I think the police don’t get enough recognition and gratitude for all they put up with in this dangerous neighborhood they protect! They deal with a lot of sick, dangerous people and very often deal with taunting from family members of the perps screaming in their face that they did nothing wrong.
    Crown heights residents- look into moving elsewhere. It is SO unsafe!! There are affordable lubavitch communities where you and your kids don’t have to walk around in fear; where your kids can enjoy outdoor space and greenery. I’m so thankful I finally had the guts to move and it was the best thing I could have done for my family.

    • 2. Out of Touch wrote:

      You’re out of touch with reality. Fact is that real property values and rents are skyrocketing in Crown Heights because people want to be here.

  • 3. Just another day in the neighborhood. wrote:

    NYPD, thank you very much and personal thank you to every single cop who handles these situations.

    • 5. CCRB wrote:

      Sir or Madam:

      My name is Investigator Jacobson and I am an investigator with the Civilian Complaint Review Board, a civilian city agency independent of the NYPD which investigates allegations of police misconduct. I am currently investigating a complaint regarding the above incident. I am interested in speaking with any witnesses and obtaining any additional video recordings as soon as possible. If you witnessed this incident or have any additional recordings, or have knowledge of anyone who does, please contact me immediately at (212)-912-2022 or

      Thank you.

  • 6. sick woman wrote:

    This video makes me furious.Instead of taking the already extremely trauamatised child away fromt he scene, she stands there and allows him to watch some more.
    Dysfunctional at its best.

    • 7. NOT DISFUNCTIONAL wrote:


  • 8. To #1 wrote:

    Maybe look into what the Rebbe has to say about moving out of Crown Heights???

  • 9. old wrote:

    Who knows, what Rebbe has to say about learning self-defense in this situation as we are now

  • 10. Sam wrote:

    These people just look to create problems summers here boredom reason to start looting Who knows

  • 11. Thank you wrote:

    Thank you 71st Precinct. In these difficult times, you are there for the community and we bless you with success and safety as you do your jobs.

  • 13. confused wrote:

    Why don’t they also charge him with kidnapping? He took the child without permission, and ran into the street with the child, at first refusing to give the child back.

  • 14. To #7 wrote:

    What does the Rebbe say about moving out of CH into another Lubavitch community? With the exorbitant rent prices for such little living space, manyarhe families simply can’t get by!

  • 16. Rabbi Heler wrote:

    You can see Rabbi Hillel Heller famous Rosh Yeshivah of Staten Island in the backround this happened next door to his house.

  • 17. "Get off of my child!" wrote:

    If that mother used that tone of voice during his upbringing this may not have happened. Now she screams at the police for the events?

  • 18. Remembering when... wrote:

    The situation in Crown Heights so many years ago, when the Rebbe said to remain in the shchuna, was infinitely worse than it is these days.
    People forget how really bad it used to be. And even then with the horrific crime rates, while others fled, the Rebbe remained and expected his chasidim to remain.
    Kan tziva Hashem es habrocho! Even nowadays!

  • 19. All of the above wrote:

    That’s the father of the child and this clip doesn’t show what happened from the start those cops ran into his home he wanted reasonings to why . child was always with him he was recording the cops which is not a crime cops got aggravated and attacked him with the child in his arms not giving him the time to put the child down so who was really at fault here. They should of gave the father the chance to let someone hold the child or put the child inside his home since this took part outside if his home..Let’s see the whole video!


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