Teenage Girl Shot 3 Times on Maple and Kingston

In the second shooting incident in as many days, a 19-year-old African-American girl was shot three times near the entrance to her apartment building on Maple Street and Kingston Ave. She was rushed to Kings County Hospital, where she remains in critical but stable condition. Police are investigating if this incident is related to the one that occurred in the same spot three days ago, when a Jewish man was robbed and shot by a thug wearing a ‘keffiyeh.’

The shooting occurred at around 1:20am on Maple Street just off Kingston Avenue. The victim, 19-year-old Kimberly Jean, was checking her mailbox on her way inside the building when she was shot three times in an apparent robbery attempt. Bullets struck her once in the chest and twice in the abdomen.

Hysterical residents called the Shomrim hotline as well as 911, and dozens of first-responders flooded the area. One Shomrim volunteer, who is also a paramedic, gave aid to the victim and assisted EMS while she was rushed to nearby Kings County Hospital.

This is the second robbery and shooting incident on that corner in as many days. On Tuesday night, a 36-year-old Jewish man was accosted by an African-American man wearing a red-and-white ‘keffiyeh’ around his neck. He demanded the victim’s money, and after he turned over $200 in cash and fled, the mugger fired a single gunshot in his direction.

Police sources told CrownHeights.info that they are investigating these two incidents as possibly being related.


  • 1. virgil Greene wrote:

    May God bless and assist the police and may they apprehend this criminal immediately.

  • 5. 10 Day Streak wrote:

    It appears that the current 10 consecutive days of no murders in NYC is not due to lack of trying…
    Hashem Yishmireynu!

  • 7. ctr wrote:

    if they would have had more police present in the area after the first incident, then maybe the 2nd one would not have happened, but no way to say. Just a thought.

  • 8. But but wrote:

    Guns are illegal!!!
    How can. This happen??
    Shouldn’t bad people not get guns if good people can’t??

    NY liberal logic gets good people shot

  • 9. Why make it easy? wrote:

    Just wondering. Does anyone know the stats for the following: is gun violence committed more by chronic criminals, or by ordinarily good people, who temporarily lose their cool, and let someone have it, CH”V, only to truly regret it afterwards.

    You see,”guns don’t kill people, people kill people.”
    But, still, why make it so easy with easy guns?


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