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Jewish Man Mugged and Shot At by Keffiyeh-Clad Thug

A Jewish man was mugged at gunpoint and shot at late last night on Kingston Avenue. The mugger was described as a black male who was wearing an Arab ‘keffiyeh.’

The incident occurred at around 1:40am on Kingston Avenue at the corner of Maple Street. The victim, a Jewish man in his 30s, was out walking his dog when he was approached from behind by a man brandishing a handgun – who demanded his money and threatened to kill him.

The mugger was described by the victim as a black male wearing a ski mask over his face, a red and white keffiyeh around his neck and over his shoulders, and dark-colored coat and pants.

“First he demanded that I give him all my money, and I told him that I don’t have anything on me, he then raised the gun higher and said ‘give me your money or I’ll kill you,’” the victim told “So I reached into my pockets and pulled out whatever money I could find and threw it on the ground.”

The mugger then instructed the victim to go towards Midwood Street, but since it was dark he did not want to and fled up towards East New York Avenue instead. As he was running away, he heard a single gunshot and quickly ducked into the foyer of a nearby apartment building. He then called 911.

Officers responded within minutes, but by then the mugger was long gone.

Police sources have confirmed that they are investigating the incident as a robbery and an attempted assault. Police said that the suspect made off with around $200 in cash, and that they recovered a shell casing from the bullet that was fired.



  • 1. neighbor wrote:

    The guy whose video this is would NOT give it to the 71 Precinct. He doesnt care if this guy gets caught.

  • 3. crazy wrote:

    unbelievable! there should be police out on patrol on a regular basis, all around crown heights not just during the kinus hashluchim.
    bring back stop and frisk!

  • 4. POSSIBLE HATE CRIME!!! wrote:

    while there is no doubt it was a robbery plain and simple, why shoot at him if you have the money and poses no danger to you?

    unfortunately the Police WON’T investigate that angel and the community will continue to be complacent

  • 5. It happened to me wrote:

    When I was 16 ,a guy approached me we a gun and put it to my neck. I was on pres bet ny and Brooklyn ,the guy had a kafia around his mouth as we’ll .

  • 7. Huh? wrote:

    Police sources have confirmed that they are investigating the incident as a robbery and an attempted assault.

    What about “threatened to kill” is that not a crime? How about attempt murder – the mugger shot at him?

  • 8. Larry wrote:

    Why did he say he had no money if he had he should’ve just given it right from the get-go

    • 11. awacs wrote:

      Arm yourself = go to jail.
      Move out of CH = Disobey the Rebbe.

      Any other suggestions?

  • 12. rachmana litzlan wrote:

    TheRebbe stressed many times about not leaving the Shchuna, even though it might be dangerous. Kan Tzivah Hashem Es Habracha!

  • 13. SO weird wrote:

    omg if the guy wouldnt have gone up e new york the guy could have shot at him maybe he got him conufud

  • 14. rg wrote:

    Why don’t yidden in ch have German Sheppards, Rottweilers, Dobermans? I grew with a German Sheppard and she saved us from being robbed more than once! She was great with us kids and trained well.

    • 15. RCCA wrote:

      Dobermans are great — they are born wanting to be trained and are ultra obedient. And when they get mad they are scary!

  • 16. Mm wrote:

    Some time ago a guy in a red and whiten keffiyeh wearing a t shirt that said I love islam said hi
    To my brother.


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