Police Meet with Merkos Officials to Discuss Security

Police officials and representatives of Merkos met this morning to discuss yesterday’s incident where Levi Rosenblat, a 22 year-old rabbinical student, was stabbed and critically injured. At the meeting police were thanked for their handling of the incident, and concern over copycat incident was raised.

The meeting was held early Wednesday morning in the Merkos conference room, just a day after the horrible incident critically wounded Levi Rosenblat, a 22 year-old rabbinical student who was in the Shul after hours.

Attending the meet on behalf of Merkos Linyonei Chinuch was Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky, the Chairman of Merkos, Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, the Vice Chairman of Merkos, Rabbi Mendel Kotlarsky and Rabbi Mendy Shrafstein.

Representatives from the police department included NYPD Chief of the Department James P. O’Neill, commanding officer of Patrol Borough Brooklyn South Assistant Chief Owen J. Monaghan, commanding officer of the 71st Precinct Deputy Inspector George Fitzgibbon, Inspector Ellen Chang of the Community Affairs Bureau as well as representatives from One Police Plaza.

At the meeting the police were thanked for the way the officers handled the incident and subsequent shooting. Merkos representatives conveyed their concern over copycat ‘attacks’ and request the police increase their patrols and security of 770 and other synagogues.

This meet comes after the good news of significant improvement in the Rosenblat’s condition this morning.

An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that specific security protocols were discussed.

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  • 1. CHLEAKS.COM wrote:

    Why isn’t anybody from Shomrim at this meeting.

    After all, It is Shomrim that actually do foot work to protect us on a daily basis.

    I guess this meeting must have been for photo-app only.

  • 2. The right Crown Heights Reps wrote:

    firstly, I have to commend that the right reps of Lubavitch (sans Chanina, B’H) showed up to this most monumental meeting. It should have also included the gaboim of the main shul of 770, but I can live without that as well. Who takes the achrayus to close it down for the night?

    • 3. dumb question wrote:

      Look around you. Look what happened. Are you really so out of touch with reality a la 2014 that you don’t get it?

    • 4. The Sperlins will handle it wrote:

      Well the guy is stil waiting for sperlin to take care of the community… He must be from the 70’s

  • 6. CR wrote:

    It seems to me like the police did their job as best as could be expected in a situation like this. When seconds count help is mere minutes away.

    That said, it is time to rethink, very seriously, the security situation there. This stabbing, the assault on a Tishrei visitor, etc. should be a wake-up call that the current doors-always-open policy is dangerous!

  • 7. Yehudi wrote:

    The Gabboim of the Shul are at best non paying tenants.
    Aguch are the custodians of 770

  • 8. Yehudi wrote:

    Private 24/7 security is non needed.
    The Police cannot be expected to do such a job

  • 10. lock it up wrote:

    at night and leave one small door open like it used to be.

    There was only 4 guys that night in 770 why leave it open?

  • 11. Security wrote:

    Please do your outmost best to have security in our shuls, yeshivas, 770 and main blocks. We are talking about our and our children’s lives!

  • 12. Sruly Clapman. wrote:

    Is this a silly prank???? Why are the police meeting with Krinsky Kotlaraky and Sharfstein the attack happened in the downstairs of 770 the above 3 don’t EVER step foot in the place. They should have met the Gaboyim and Hanhala of 770.

    Idiots wake up and smell the coffee.


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