Chasidic Jew Attacked in Brooklyn Subway Station

The attack of a Chasidic man in a Brooklyn subway station is being investigated as a hate crime by the NYPD.

From VIN News by Sandy Eller:

A 53 year old Chasidic man was waiting on the southbound platform at the J-M-Z Marcy Avenue station at approximately 3:55 PM yesterday afternoon, when a verbal dispute erupted between the men and a group of three teens.

The argument escalated into a physical assault when the victim was struck by one teen several times with an umbrella and punched by another.

Several anti-Semitic statements were reportedly made during the incident with one teen reportedly saying “Why are you looking at me, you dirty Jew?”

The victim complained of neck and back pain but his injuries were classified as not serious by the NYPD.

The suspects are described as being male, African-American, of average height and weight.

The incident is being investigated by the NYPD’s Hate Crimes Task Force.


  • 1. Description wrote:

    “The suspects are described as being male, African-American, of average height and weight.”

    Why is the police always assuming it’s someone who fits the black stereotype? They is racism. Maybe it’s a Haitian or a foreigner. And than they wonder why black people hate the police.

    • 2. PC World wrote:

      It’s about time you liberal tree-huggers & whale savers got this through your thick heads: MOST CRIMES COMMITTED IN NYC ARE BY BLACKS.

      Stop burying your heads in the sand & face facts: they make up the vast majority of criminals. Why is it racist to describe them? Maybe next time they’ll describe YOU. Will that make you feel better?

  • 3. RM Edaps wrote:

    To this source’s credit, it is the only article I have read about this incident that described the perpetrators. Keep up the good, politically incorrect work.

  • 4. BLACK ANTI SEMITES wrote:

    its the second time in 1 week that a jew was attacked by blacks,while yelling anti semitic slurs.(not to mention all the previous attacks)

    its time the jewish community stands up and says loudly to the media, and any other good conscience person, that their is a wave of attacks on jews by blacks motivated simply by hate.

    there is no question that many youth in the black community have extreme hatred for jews, its clear they get a lot of these views from their home, and the only way for this to stop is for their parents to change what they teach their kids.

  • 5. ghettoscum wrote:

    It’s about time one of these things got charged with a hate crime, they’ve been getting a way with this kind of stuff for too long.

  • 6. Adam Vant wrote:

    Thank you for including a description of the assailants. Other cowardly politically-correct so-called news outlets refuse to do that in their accounts of this incident.


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