Mob Attacks and Robs Commuters on Subway Platform


On Thursday, November 6, at around 7:15pm, two teenagers standing on the 2/3 subway platform at the Franklin Avenue station in Crown Heights were approached by a group of nine suspects who demanded they hand over their property.

The suspects shoved the victims to the ground and repeatedly punched and kicked them, police said. Two suspects reportedly struck the victims with wooden canes while others attempted to take one of the victim’s sneakers.

The two victims fought off the assailants, finding safety in an approaching train and got off at the Utica Avenue station.

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  • 1. Tell me more about the victims wrote:

    Was this black-on-black crime? Or black-on-someone else crime?

    (Regardless, it’s horrific! And look at the timing: rush hour on a weekday — there must have been many witnesses, please Hashem!)

    And I’m sure The “Rev”s Sharpton and Jackson are and will remain silent on this.

  • 4. THIS IS DE BLASIO'S CITY wrote:

    under this Mayer crime has risen dramatically (especially in crown heights), unfortunately we will have to suffer another 3 years.

    It was known all along that De Blasio was a radical leftist who wanted to restrain the NYPD.

    but if more Jews would have voted for bill Thompson his democratic opponent(by no means a perfect candidate, but he’s someone that takes crime seriously) at the primaries, there would have been a fair chance De Blasio would have not gotten the required 50% needed to avoid a runoff,and with the jewish community support Bill Thompson could have beaten De Blasio in a head to head.

    remember all it would have took was five minutes on election day, to defeat this radical and bring safety for yourself and your kids,elections have consequences and unfortunately this is ours

    hopefully this will be a wake up call.

  • 5. Locked and Loaded Lubavitcher wrote:

    To # 2.
    Duuuuuuuuuuuuh?!?!?! I wonder!?!?!?

    To # 4.
    For anyone with even half a brain should know that the best vote that you can cast in a situation like this is to “vote with your feet” – i.e. MOVE!!!!!
    We left C.H. when it was becoming more apparent by the hour how the prevalence of “midas sedom” was rearing it’s ugly head in N.Y. When the guilty would walk free and the innocent would sit and rot.

    But the thing that really got to me the most was how the authorities literally made it impossible for someone to adequately protect oneself. Aside from the fact that the city and state gov. trample on the second amendment as if it was non existent, the human factor of your basic right of self defense is something which almost every elected official runs from like the plague!!!
    While I will be the first to tell you that when it comes to safety and security, Kosher Mezuzos and extra tzedakah are of paramount importance, feeling the tug of my tactical .45 ACP in my waistband holster and knowing that my State issued “concealed carry weapons permit” is slotted firmly in my wallet – confirming my G-D given, constitutionally enumerated right to “bear arms” for among other things, my personal self defense and that of my family’s is a very comforting addition (not to mention the fact of knowing that if the situation CV”S ever arose, that putting “one to the chest and two to the head” would come more as a reflex than anything else).
    I can’t say that I feel bad for the people still living in NY because that would be a lie, as they say “you make your bed, you lie in it”. Since it doesn’t look like anyone with the slightest bit of common sense is slated to enter the political scene anytime soon in NY, I will continue to read these types of articles and marvel at the fact that these types of incidences don’t really happen where I live because the thug knows that he will get dropped like a bug with a “slug” if he tried any of this here!!
    Stay safe ;).

  • 6. Everything in moderation wrote:

    My father, A”H (not frum) was fond of saying, “everything in moderation.” So, simply, for example, not too much eating or not enough of; you drink or have junk food only occasionally, etc.

    Now, he was big on history. One of his famous lines was this: “Too much tyranny brings liberty,” but, on the other hand, “too much liberty brings tyranny.”

    I just hope that the change in the congress, which will occur, Jan 3, will not go that far. But, we see that the excessive liberal direction of this country has definitely brought very needed change.

    Hopefully, that will trickle down here, locally, so we don’t necessarily have to run out of town.

  • 7. commnt wrote:

    WAS THIS CAUGHT ON SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS? don’t alot of trains have the cameras? The citizens of this city need to demand more surveillance cameras in the trains if the problem of crime “cannot” be dealt with. This is not a compliment by any means, to the Mayor, who we rarely hear from.


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