Cop Injured By Falling Bike in Crown Heights

A police officer was seriously injured early Sunday morning when a bicycle was thrown from the 5th floor of a Crown Heights apartment building and landed on his head.

The incident occurred at around 2:00am near the corner of Albany and St. Marks Aves. The cops were responding to reports of gunfire, when they were pelted with various items thrown at them from a 5th floor balcony of a nearby building.

The injured officer was taken to Kings County Hospital, where he needed stitches to close the wound. Two other officers were injured when a fight broke out as they were arresting the suspected gunman.

A second person was taken into custody, but it wasn’t immediately clear if either was the person who tossed the bike.



    sounds like the Albany housing project. There has been violent crime there ever since they were built.
    when i was young i played baseball in the field that was there.

    • Really?

      I doubt they were violent in the 50’s and 60’s. When the crack era came along sure, but since they were built?

  • Thank You NYPD!

    We must all pray for the speedy recovery of the NYPD officers who risk their lives each and every day for all of us.

  • bklyn50

    The incident took place at 959 St. Marks Avenue, which is not located within the NYCHA Albany houses, but on the residential street just west of the houses.

    All people of good will and sense are praying for the restoring of full health to all of the police officers who were injured while they strove to serve and protect.