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2 Girls Attacked in 2 Incidents – Police Investigating as Possible Hate Crime

Two young Beis Rivka students were beaten and had glass bottles thrown at them in two separate incidents as they were walking home from school. In one of the attacks the assailants – two teenage girls – called the victim a ‘dirty Jew’.

The two attacks happened within 10 minutes of each other, the first on Kingston Avenue between East New York and Lefferts and the second on Empire Boulevard and Lamont Court both at around 4:15pm.

In the first incident three assailants – one White and two Black teens – accost two 10-year-olds, first by throwing a glass bottle at them, then by grabbing one of the girls by the neck while another throws the bottle a second time. Thankfully the girls were not hurt and there was no exchange of words.

The second incident was far worse, this time two assailants – two Black girls from the first attack – waited for their victims, two 12-year-old Jewish girls, to pass on Empire near Lamont Ct. then and then threw yet another glass bottle at them.

This time the bottle hit one of the girls in her knee. One of the attackers then pounced on the victim, grabbing her in a choke hold and began shouting expletives laced with racial diatribe. “You dirty Jew” and “get the … out of Crown Heights” among far more ‘colorful’ language was but just some of the verbal abuse the victim took.

The victim managed to break free of the choke hold and as she began to flee the attacker punched her in the back, causing bruising and swelling which required medical attention.

In both incidents Shomrim were called and assisted the victims by putting them in touch with the police.

A source in the police department said that they are taking this incident very seriously and have referred it to the Hate Crimes Task Force for investigation as a possible hate crime.


  • 1. terrible wrote:

    well, we see the schools uniform so they can trace from which school this kids came from. and i hope more security will be posted around the schools until they apprehend these animals

  • 2. Yisroel wrote:


    Ok this is it! It has gone way too far. (Not that any other case is alright.) We have to put an immediate stop to this. Would an organized community meeting, to brainstorm ideas in a peaceful non argumentative environment be a good start?

  • 4. That is scary! wrote:

    The police should go to EVERY public school in the neighborhood and hunt down those girls and turn them into a lesson for the other girls to learn- you do NOT mess with a Jewish girl!!

  • 5. Amen to #3 wrote:

    This is madness that some public school misfits should be allowed to have free reign of our streets and do as they wish!!!! This MUST be stopped!!!

  • 6. mother of second victim wrote:

    I am the mother of the second victim. The police are taking this very seriously and are working on this case. Thank you to shomrim for making sure of that, scouting for those girls and getting the footage so we can identify the perpetrators. Thank you for assuring us there will be increased patrolling around the areas of our schools. Self-defense classes in our schools is important. My daughter fought back and was able to get out of her choke-hold, delivered a punch as well, thanks to some lessons. B”H she is fine.

  • 7. Those girls are animals, I see them every so often wrote:

    It’s not difficult to catch them, they pass by the same place every day, the schools they go to are full of fighting etc. if our schools have bad behavior, amongst us yiddin, fighting and bulling and wors..there’s are far worse, so we don’t have to take it porsinal, but we do need to show a very very tuff hand, those girls should at the very least be threatened and brought in to police station, and should be on there record,and proper police report for whatever that’s worth.. if I saw that happen to my daughter
    I would not rest till I know that girl deeply regrets it, no matter what it takes.. For starters, just stand at that place tomorrow same time..

  • 8. Anonymous wrote:

    Why is this not being sent to the media? This should be all over the news. Let the cops get their act together

  • 9. Mendoza wrote:

    We need. To make a demonstration
    Now in front of the public school
    Let those ( like Obama calls them )
    Young people. Know we are in them
    And at the same time the police will know we aren’t playing
    The Comunity counsel is none effective
    We need Berel shugar to be our leader
    Sometimes the counsel are in cohutes
    With the system and sometimes the system does not work
    We need action now today

  • 10. to #2 wrote:

    HA! this community can’t even agree to what is the current time and date.

  • 11. Take care of your children wrote:

    The parents should be taking their children home.

  • 13. agree with #1 wrote:

    NYPD says they will take this seriously? lets see how fast we get a update that these kids were arrested?

    all you have to do i go to a local school and show the video to the teachers and you will have them.

    but for some reason i have a feeling this is the last we will hear about this case!!

    unless we wake up and demand justice

  • 14. Location wrote:

    The second one sounds like it was almost in front of the police station. What does that say when public school kids know they have nothing to fear from breaking the law in front of the police station?

  • 15. Chana wrote:


  • 16. Chanab wrote:

    Lets react the way Williamsburg and bp AND NOT STAND FOR IT!!! Looking forward to hear how our community leaders will take care of us and deal with it!!!

  • 18. hate crime wrote:

    now will these girls go to prison now for 15 years for a hate crime ?

  • 20. Arnold wrote:

    Leave the USA and make Aliyah to Israel. You will never have to experience anti-semitism again!

    • 21. Reply to Arnold wrote:

      I doubt that. With the situation that’s going on in Israel right now. I never thought I would hear Rabbis calling others Jews Nazis.

  • 22. Ignorant wrote:

    this is not the only incident. I know of two 12 year old girls were attacked before shavuos, but the parents did not call shomrim and did not report it to the police.

    • 23. Never to late to report!! wrote:

      Very important to report, the more Reported incident, the more security & police will be provided to patrol the streets.

    • 24. they must report it wrote:

      and if there are a lot of reports against the same person than stronger action is taken to reprimand them

  • 25. to #3 wrote:

    I agree with you . Our children should be able to walk home from school feeling safe and secure . Another measure of protection should be to have police and shomrim patrol the streets atthe exact time that the publich schools are being let out . We have to stop this now before the public schools close for the summer .

  • 26. A mother wrote:

    IT should not be hard to find them. #1 identify their uniforms. #2 you see their hairstyles #3 and back packs. I really hope the police actually do something about it. Its horrible that teenagers and kids can be so mean

  • 27. Mendy wrote:

    KNOW ONE THING – this does not happen in Williamsburgh, because if this happened in Willi, everyone knows what would happen to the assailants and their families. Lesson – yidden’s power is in achdus. When we don’t have achdus – shkotzim feel free to hurt us.

  • 28. ch resident wrote:

    where is chanina and co. tuchas licking so called leaders i haven’t heard anything from them second i think we find those black youths and teach them a willimsberg lesson

  • 29. Y&B wrote:

    Where is the community C. Only to take picture they are good not to actually help us

  • 30. A man wrote:

    This stuff upsets me real bad.
    The day I see this happen in front of me, heads will roll and I’ll prob end up in jail.


  • 31. ezras noshim wrote:

    the summer is just starting. what will happen when the animals are let out of school? we have to demand more police protection and stricter punishments
    also the police have to see that we will not stand for this and not keep quiet about this

    • 33. To Fed Up wrote:

      Do schoolchildren really follow politics. I doubt it. Your ignorance is annoying. Were you saying the same thing when Bush was president?

    • 34. AN wrote:

      I happen to NOT be an Obama fan but that is an ignorant and silly comment to make. Whether they are Obama fans or not has nothing to do with it. Besides the fact that they are children and probably have no real political preference and understanding.

  • 35. No additional security wrote:

    I was very much surprised that there were no additional security in the morning along the school routes…….

  • 36. Stay Safe wrote:

    Those students are from the school on East New York Avenue between Troy and Schenectady. Hope someone approaches the school principal as well as the parents. Glad for the cameras. Stay Safe!!

  • 37. wait for them to come back wrote:

    wait there the same time the next day and im sure the same girls will walk back home the same way. if not they will walk one block over and they will be there 4 till 4:15 (if i was still in CH i would wait there) call shomrim and 911 when i spot them! PLEASE ANYONE can do the same HELP the KIDS!!! (and its not the those two girls tomorrow it can be your child)

  • 39. a bais rivkah gitl wrote:

    im soo scared , all these ten black girls give me dirdy faces and spit at me

    • 40. a 7th grader in bais rivka wrote:

      A few months ago i was walking with my counselor from camp, and a shvartze girl came over to me and tapped me on my shoulder. When i didn’t reply she said, “Whats the matter with u cant u say hi”. I was so scared, and the girl started laughing with her friends.
      This happened on Kingston avenue between Crown and Carroll.
      I didn’t really feel it was such a big deal after i got home, but now that all these incidents are happening….

  • 41. a Woman wrote:

    my daughter is terrified to walk home will someone do something because obviosly nothing happened!

  • 42. Chochma! wrote:

    Send a link of this video to the New York Daily News and the Post immediately.

  • 43. 2nd girl who got attacked wrote:

    i was the one who got attacked. shomrim followed the girls who were on a bus and they were arrested b”h. girls should be carefull. i encourage girls to fight back like i did

  • 44. crazy wrote:

    they did go to the public school whith the video and asked the principal to identify.

  • 45. Justice!!! wrote:

    We would like an update if theses girls were identified and what’s being done about it?

  • 47. One thing that can be done wrote:

    is have all the Girls in crown heights take Martial Arts (karate, Jiu Jitsu etc) lessons.

    This won’t stop the problem but it will reduce the risk of a girl being seriously injured if attacked

  • 48. ND Dubrowski wrote:

    These 2 girls assaulted my daughters, i went down to the police station and filed a report, no one from the 71st precinct followed up with me, even though they promised me that they would call me the following day and together we were going to wait for these 2 girls to walk down Empire Blvd. They wait for the City bus outside Heller’s house every day after school at 4:20. I went to the bus stop and took pictures of these girls. If the police had dealt with this 3 weeks ago when they promised, this could have been avoided. I am very disappointed. With my daughters it wasn’t a hate crime b/c they didn’t say anything to her except for laughing at her after they scared her by covering her face with their jacket and pushing her into a driveway….this wasn’t serious enough for the police to take care of. Very sad.

  • 49. albert wrote:

    you know if the girls start taking karate the animals will lay down and call it quits. They mite have a weapon and use it i think we should calm down and think this out thoroughly. The truth is if i would of seen this happening i wouldn’t think twice to save our sisters however possible. I cringed when i saw this article we need this to stop immediately but unfortunately we are in galus. Lets strengthen our ruchnius so we can bring the ultimate solution! Amen!

  • 51. sholom wrote:

    i used to be a liberal tree hugger. i would never believe u if u would tell me id say what im about to say. after 3 years in crown heights: these people are animals. push them out of our community and COUNTRY every way possible, give them hawaii and call it a day.

    • 52. To Sholom wrote:

      I thought our country was Israel? No? Do Native Americans have a say in this?

  • 53. malka wrote:

    WHat are they being taught in their public schools that they’re walking out saying “dirty jew”?? i would look into that too.
    i’m petrified for all 5th and 6th graders because it seems they are targeting this young age, yes martial arts should be taught in school, i hope the police will take the necessary steps and scare the living daylights out those girls.

  • 54. thugs POST PICTURES wrote:

    # 45 post the pictures , then our lazy police will take this more seriously

  • 55. .......... wrote:

    1st if u see them u should call the 911.
    2 nd you should try to tell an adult (if you are a child).
    To wach them in case ח׳ו they try to attack someone else.

    It’s the worst thing to go to fighting lessons bc if they find out that they know how to fight they might bring a gun or more people.

    So what I suggest is just to let your kids out when they get older and protect them selfs.

    A member a the hate crime investigation. Of the state of …

    • 57. Curious... wrote:

      Baruch, what does that have to do with these two innocent girls being attacked for no reason?

  • 58. Concerned wrote:

    Thank you for publishing this information. You are one of the few sources we have for such info.

  • 59. POSSIBLE HATE CRIME???!!!!!!! wrote:


  • 60. Update wrote:

    Girls are in custody at the 71st precinct, i was called tonight to come with my daughter and identify the girl. My daughter 7 years old did a great job in identifying her.

  • 61. Deena wrote:

    I see the same 3 girls walking every afternoon towards Kingston. While it broke my heart to see the video posted the other day, I’m not surprised. I’ve seen these same girls throwing bottles, rocks & trash at adults and children, as well as throwing small rocks at houses. I’ve seen them jump on top of car hoods with the intention of causing damage.
    I saw the 3 girls walking today without a care in the world & immediately called Shomrim.. Because the 4 cops walking around Kingston & Lefferts obviously weren’t going to do anything.
    Thank you Shomrim for sending members right away & catching up with them. I appreciate the Shomrim members that called me back to follow up with me.

    To the victims & their families, I’m truly sorry your girls were hurt & scared. I hope that charges are pressed against those girls & they receive some sort of punishment other than a slap on the wrist.

  • 63. 2 the second girl wrote:

    i would keep my mouth shut and let a lawyer do all the talking…

    also i hope that you (or someone near by) called Hatzalah and and that you were checked out because as an EMT i see this all day long and it helps in a lawsuit if you were looked at by an EMT, Paramedic or doctor and i would also claim emotional and psychological stress from the indecent

  • 64. So sceary wrote:

    I thought they said the firls were 10&12. She was only 7 she must of been so scared so sorry for her.

  • 65. . wrote:

    i am thinking that our kids need to be all the time with a stun gun
    becouse its legal

  • 66. mendel wrote:

    such rude behavior! such nonsense!! these goiem are CRAZY!!!!!!!!!! THEY SHOULD DESERVE TO BE ARRESTED!!!!!

  • 67. Jason wrote:

    These attackers need to be taught a lesson. If they arent, then guess what??? Its just going to get worse, more violence. Once these low lifes are caught they need to be man handled very violently to scare this mishigas out of them. until then, Crown Heights will continue to be a pit hole!!!!

  • 68. anon wrote:

    I’m in agreement that it’s great these girls were caught, however:

    Where is the bottle hitting the knee?

    Where is the choke-hold and fighting back (as one of the victims mentioned)? It just looks like her hand grabs the neck and lets go but a “choke-hold” is a completely different action.

    The description of events is far more dramatic than the actual video.

  • 69. jk wrote:

    as shimon and levi did in the torah when shechem started with their sister dinah they took out the entire city
    its something we should think about

  • 70. me wrote:

    those girls also pulled my hair thay stay on m block by the bus syop untill thay find jewish girls to mess whith

  • 71. To No. 68 wrote:

    Those details were what she did on the second incident to the 12 yr old,my daughter, on empire blvd. There was no video camera.

  • 72. Needed! More cameras around CH wrote:

    So important. Whoever can afford to put em up outside your house,building, it literally can save the situation. The girl got arreseted because of the video. Otherwise, she’d still be harrassing and hurting more girls in the neighborhood. Ch’v. Where the second incident happened, there was a camera outside directed only down to the front door of the house. If it wouldve been upgraded to a slightly larger coverage (10 ft.) we wouldve had the second attack (far worse) on video too.

  • 73. Genevieve wrote:


    A ugly, ugly, pathetic crime. I thank G-D that the police care. This is not the case in every country.

    I believe that there are not a lot of brown skinned Jews in the Orthodox sections of Brooklyn. And I know that there are a lot of bad feelings between the so-called “Black” and “Jewish” groups, especially in Brooklyn. But there are Black Jews. Actually, I think I have never seen a Black person in my life – but I have seen dark brown people, greenish people, light pink people, light brown people, yellowish people.

    What is my point? Defend our way of life, defend our children’s right to live safely, and defend our right to think freely by not caving in to the intense pressure to believe that Jewish = White.



  • 74. אליהו wrote:

    Stop this nonsense of begging the goyim to be nice. Come to Eretz Israel… here were protect each other..


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