Community Calender

November 2020
Monday - 16 November
29 Heshvan
Chaim Groner (Melbourne Australia) to Raizel Cohen (Raizel Cohen)
   Rubashkin Basement, 1349 President St.
Community Event
Free Therapy Screening Time : 11:00 AM - GRAND OPENING: Speech-Language therapy office In Crown Heights! Most health Insurances Accepted! (Including: Empire, United Healthcare, & Healthfirst) We Provide Evaluation and treatment services for to help children, adolescents and adults with the following: 1. Speak more clearly & accurately 2. Develop language, vocabulary, and expressing feeling, wants, needs. 3. Improve reading / writing skills 4. Increase auditory processing & listening compression. 5. Enhance social behavior. 6. Improve voice quality. 7. Gain fluency skills For a limited time, offering a FREE screening by licensed Speech –Language Pathologist! Call now to book your APPT: 914-500-8191
   580 Crown St.